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MaaS360 by Fiberlink

Trials and Tools

Start using MaaS360 mobile device, application, document and expense management today for 30 days free. We also offer a test-drive of our Laptop Management solution as well as free tools to help IT professionals manage enterprise mobility.

Trials and Tools

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial

Start using MaaS360 mobile device, application, document and expense management today for 30 days free. We also offer a test-drive of our Laptop Management solution as well as free tools to help IT professionals manage enterprise mobility.

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Instantly deploy, secure, and manage your iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets:
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Email Access Controls
  • WiFi and VPN security
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Secure Document Sharing
  • Mobile Expense Management
30-Day FREE Trial
Gain visibility and control over your Apple OS X and Windows-based laptops:
  • Inventory Management
  • Patch Management
  • Software Distribution
  • Application Blacklisting
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Mobile NAC
30-Day FREE Trial
MaaS360 ActiveSync Admin Tool
In the era of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), more users than ever are connecting to Exchange through ActiveSync without ITs knowledge.

With the MaaS360 ActiveSync Admin Tool from Fiberlink, you can easily view all of the devices connecting to your Exchange servers through ActiveSync and remove old device associations with ease.

The MaaS360 ActiveSync Admin Tool lets you:
  • Quickly identify the number ActiveSync device associations
  • Export mailbox and device information for reporting and maintenance
  • Remove orphaned ActiveSync devices in bulk

Best of all, no PowerShell knowledge is required.

Click here for set-up instructions and system requirements of the Maas360 ActiveSync Admin Tool.
MaaS360® Checksum Calculator
The MaaS360 Checksum Calculator is a free tool that gives administrators the ability to generate checksum values for individual files using popular hash algorithms. Supported algorithms include, but are not limited to, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm), CRC32 (Cyclic Redundancy Check), and MD5 (Message-Digest Algorithm 5). The Checksum Calculator tool can be used in conjunction with MaaS360's Software Distribution service to ensure that packages created by your administrators are validated when being stored in MaaS360's cloud infrastructure. Use simple drag and drop, file browse, and copy and paste functionality to easily calculate checksums for files using over 15 algorithms.
MaaS360® Glimpse for Mobile Data
Glimpse for Mobile Data provides a snapshot of your end users' connections for devices connecting through the Windows® 7 Mobile Broadband API. You can see the following:
  • Device Name
  • Current Network Provider
  • Connected Status
  • Firmware Version
  • IMSI Number
  • ICCID Number
  • Available Data Class (HSUPA, UMTS, GRPS, and more)
  • Registered State (Home or Roaming)
  • And much, much more!
Help your Help Desk support your users. Try the free MaaS360 Glimpse Tool today!
MaaS360® Boot Analyzer Tool
How long does it take your computers to boot when users start them? Is your IT group getting calls? The problem could be the new software or corporate image, but how can you be sure?

The MaaS360 Boot Analyzer can maintain a history of up to 100 previous boot times, match boot time delays with changes to the computer, perform automated tests for benchmarking, and set thresholds and notify you if the times suddenly increase.
MaaS360® Patch Analyzer Tool
Keeping computers patched is a time-consuming but necessary task for all IT organizations. Are you certain that your endpoints are patched properly? The free MaaS360 Patch Analyzer makes it simple to find out. MaaS360 Patch Analyzer will scan any Windows®-based machine and report on both the installed and missing patches. If you are using a local WSUS server to push patches, MaaS360 Patch Analyzer will provide a side-by-side comparison of missing patches as reported by your WSUS server and the Microsoft® Windows Update Service.

MaaS360 Patch Analyzer provides access to detailed information about installed and missing patches including Product, Title, KB Article ID, Bulletin ID, Severity, Category, and More Info URL to Microsoft® TechNet.
MaaS360® Peer2Peer Terminator
The MaaS360 Peer2Peer Terminator is a free tool to designed to help minimize the risk of P2P applications by terminating a growing list of over 65 P2P applications. The tool has two modes of operation (user interface and command line) allowing all types of users to take advantage of its benefits. Home users can check for P2P applications and terminate them prior to paying bills or doing taxes on the family computers. IT professionals can use the command line calls via an internal scripting tool like SMS or Windows® Scheduler. In the end, everyone can rest easier after proactively identifying and terminating P2P apps running on their PCs. For more information, please visit http://www.peer2peerterminator.com/.
MaaS360® Log Viewer
The MaaS360 Log Viewer is a free tool that allows you to open, view, search, filter, highlight, and tail log files regardless of their format. You can also configure and save analytical expressions to make it simple to find known or common issues and present the appropriate instructions or diagnostic steps for others to follow. The Log Viewer was originally built by the MaaS360 Development Team to simplify troubleshooting, but it became so indispensable to us that we thought others might find it useful as well. Enjoy!
MaaS360® Glimpse Support Tool
Having trouble supporting your mobile users? Collect the hardware, software, network, and security information you need to solve problems reported by your mobile users with the free MaaS360 Glimpse tool.

Free Tools for Mobile IT

MaaS360 ActiveSync Admin Tool
MaaS360® Checksum Calculator
MaaS360® Glimpse for Mobile Data
MaaS360® Boot Analyzer Tool
MaaS360® Patch Analyzer Tool
MaaS360® Peer2Peer Terminator
MaaS360® Log Viewer
MaaS360® Glimpse Support Tool
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