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Displayed below are walkthroughs of different MaaS360 features and reports. If you need more information and want to chat with a Fiberlink representative, click Chat with us at the top of this page.


My Watch List

My Watch List appears at the top of the Home page. It shows you critical information about your endpoints and allows you to access the details you need to remediate problems.
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Hardware Inventory

View a demo of our Hardware Inventory Reporting. With a few clicks you can see the manufacturer, model, machine name, processor, the operating system (including the latest service pack) and IP address for each computer.
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Software Inventory

View a demo of our Software Inventory Reporting. You can see a list of all the applications installed on your devices, including the version number and the users who have them.
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Endpoint Security Reports

View a demo of our Endpoint Security Reporting. You'll learn how to view information about the security applications on your end users' computers, including which ones have out-of-date anti-virus definitions.
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Data Protection Reports

View a demo of our Data Protection Reporting. View reports that show which computers have encryption software on them, and how far along they are in the encryption process for each drive.
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Manage Policies

This MaaS360 Service allows you to monitor Anti-Virus, Personal Firewall and Data Encryption security applications via policies that you define, and to specify actions to be taken when one of these applications is out of compliance.
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Policy Enforcement Reports

The Policy Enforcement Reports show how the MaaS360 Service responded to any noncompliance events, which are defined by the policy you set up.
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Any Connections Reporting

MaaS360’s Any Connections Reporting (ACR) gives you the tools you need to juggle the dial, Ethernet, wireless, mobile data and VPN connections that your end users make over a variety of connection managers. You can quickly and easily see, for example, if users are making wireless connections on open, unencrypted signals.
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VPN Usage Reports

MaaS360’s VPN Usage Reports provide a snapshot of your users’ VPN connections, including how many connections they make and how long the connections last. You can also see technical information (IP addresses, subnet masks) with just a few mouse clicks.
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Patch Management

Use MaaS360's Patch Management Service to ensure your devices have the latest security patches and updates, regardless of whether they are on your corporate LAN or just connected to the public Internet. You can see detailed information about missing patches, and deploy them to your users.
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Remote Device Control

With Remote Device Control, the MaaS360 Platform integrates seamlessly with your existing remote control or desktop applications. You can launch and initiate connections to remote devices directly from MaaS360 without the need to use additional tools for real-time information gathering, user interaction, or manually launching the remote control application.
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Device Management View

Device views provide detailed information about an individual desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. With just a few clicks, you can see hardware and software inventory information, security and compliance information, network details. You can even see an audit log of changes.
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Smart Search

The MaaS360 Smart Search allows you to use multiple search options to find devices. For example, you can search for devices that are missing critical OS patches and have not been backed up. This gives you a great deal of flexibility as you proactively manage your devices.
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