MaaS360 by Fiberlink

Windows 10 Mobile Device Management

Simplify your Windows 10 Management

You're already managing your laptops, desktops and Windows Phones. Now you have Windows 10.

MaaS360 incorporates the latest set of Microsoft mobile device management (MDM) APIs to provide greater visibility and control over your Windows 10 laptops, tablets and smartphones so you can manage and secure them alongside other mobile devices within your environment.

Take advantage of new device restrictions by disabling  Cortana, Bluetooth and Internet Sharing, or enabling location tracking. You may also make policy changes remotely, locate devices, and perform selective or full device wipes to protect your organization's corporate data.

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Instantly manage Windows 10 devices

MaaS360 mobile device management for Windows 10 provides visibility and control over your enterprise Windows 10 laptops, tablets and smartphones, alongside the other mobile devices in your environment. You can create security policies, enforce passcode requirements, enable restriction and configure Exchange ActiveSync settings. Users just complete a simple over-the-air (OTA) enrollment process so their devices can be managed.

Secure Your Devices, Grant Safe Access

  • Mandate device passcodes and specify requirements
  • Enforce internal storage encryption
  • Enable or disable SD card use
  • Disable developer unlock
  • Allow VPN over mobile data or data roaming
  • Configure and distribute ActiveSync settings
  • Permit the use of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Sense hotspot auto-connect
  • Configure different types of certificates such as root, CA and publisher certificates

Place Restrictions

  • Restrict camera, Cortana, location data, telemetry, Bluetooth, Internet sharing, or adding non-Microsoft accounts
  • Prohibit the use of location information in Search
  • Deny Microsoft account connection authentication
  • Disallow Sync My Settings across multiple devices
  • Restrict non-Windows Store apps

Enforce Compliance

  • Perform policy changes
  • Locate devices and review breadcrumb history
  • Selectively or fully wipe lost, stolen or uncompliant devices
  • Restrict manual device decommissioning

Gain Mobile Insight

  • Hardware inventory
  • Device name
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Operating system and version
  • Certificates
  • Location
  • Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Enrolled device ID
  • Ownership designation
  • ActiveSync device ID
  • Basic input/output system
  • Screen resolution
  • OS language
  • Inventory of both Windows Store and non-Store apps

Perform Remote Actions

  • Locate
  • Selective wipe, full wipe
  • Change policy
  • Remove control
  • Hide
  • Request data refresh
  • Real-time notification support for each action

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