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As consumers go mobile, so does the enterprise

Employee productivity is one advantage of a mobilized enterprise, but many organizations are failing to take the bigger picture into account.


As consumers go mobile, so does the enterprise

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Employee productivity is one advantage of a mobilized enterprise, but many organizations are failing to take the bigger picture into account. The bring your own device (BYOD) trend offers greater advantages to companies that are providing employees robust applications that add value to both workers and consumers.

A recent Enterprise Apps Tech article provided several examples of ways businesses are using mobility to not only make their employees' work lives more convenient, but add value to the company.

Mobile device management and employee convenience
Aside from providing employees with the productivity tools and software they're most familiar with, mobility can be integrated into an overall business strategy that streamlines processes such as vacation requests. As the article suggested, building the time off and approval process into a mobile application makes it easier for workers to request time off and for the business to track when its employees will be gone.

According to the article, another company developed an in-house app to automate flight arrangement approvals when trips fell under a certain cost. Before the new system was implemented, employees needed supervisor approval - a process that could cause delays and rescheduling if it took too long. After moving the process to mobile applications, the business saved money by allowing employees to get the best deals on flights.

"Today, enterprise mobility is driven by sophisticated apps that enable complex business functions above and beyond email," the article stated. "One company might wish to provide its employees with mobile access to the sales pipeline while another may want a travel and expense reporting app."

Mobile device management for consumer experience
One of the areas businesses have an opportunity to add a significant amount of value to their customers comes with the growing popularity of mobile payment systems. As a recent GigaOM article pointed out, brick-and-mortar stores like Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks have developed payment apps for consumers to use their phones to checkout. However, responding to an increasingly mobile customer base may require a mobile workforce.

A recent USAToday article highlighted the advantage of business applications for tablets and smartphones that can be used to scan payment information. Mobile apps provide a cost-effective way of addressing consumer mobility.

"Apps for tablets and smartphones that can scan credit cards have been offered as early answers," the article stated. "In February, about half the retailers polled by the National Retail Federation say they will use a mobile device as a cash register within a year to 18 months, compared with 6 percent that use them now."

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