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Mobile application management secures mobile apps and user data

Smartphone users should take some time to review the applications installed on their phones, according to a recent study by Bitdefender.


Mobile application management secures mobile apps and user data

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Smartphone users should take some time to review the applications installed on their phones, according to a recent study by Bitdefender. The study found 19 percent of applications in the Apple app store collect user data. Even more alarming, 40 percent use no encryption. This presents mobile device security threat for both users and organizations.

"It is worrying stored data encryption on iOS apps is low and location tracking is so prevalent," said Catalin Cosoi, Bitdefender’s Chief Security Researcher. “Without notification of what an app accesses, it is difficult to control what information users give up."

Users should also be careful where they take their smartphones because their applications may be watching them. Bitdefender's survey found 41 percent of apps track user location without approval. Although Apple's upcoming iOS 6 improves privacy by allowing users to set which information any mobile application has access to, users will have to exercise caution in the meantime.

Mobile application management needed for enterprise security

Mobile applications have become increasingly popular in both the consumer and enterprise world. According to a recent CIO Insight article, enterprise apps are tools to differentiate organizations from their competitors. By empowering employees with access to information on-demand, mobility has the potential to add value for consumers. However, CIO Insight also identified several challenges to the adoption of mobility trends:

  • Application performance
  • Multiplatform support from a single code base
  • Growth in popularity of hybrid apps

These challenges and their associated security concerns should be addressed as businesses leverage mobility solutions.

Experts highlight mobile device security threats

The need for mobile application and device management solutions was recently highlighted by a PCWorld article, which identified several ways hackers and malware developers pose a significant threat to user mobile privacy and security.

According to PCWorld, Trustwave security researchers Nicholas Percoco and Sean Schulte designed an app to bypass Google Play's detection system. Percoco said the first version of the app was clean, but it became malicious through updates and was eventually capable of forcing phones to go to specific websites or launch denial-of-service attacks. 

Similar threats to enterprise resources can be mitigated through application management functionalities found in a robust mobile application management (MAM) solution. MAM gives IT the ability to deploy productivity and security apps while controlling a wide range of platforms and applications.

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