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Enterprise mobility improves business intelligence

Enterprise mobility has already been highlighted as a tool to increase employee productivity.


Enterprise mobility improves business intelligence

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Enterprise mobility has already been highlighted as a tool to increase employee productivity. While that is a key advantage to a mobile workforce, it's not the only thing businesses can gain. In fact, many businesses leverage mobility to enhance the customer experience. Mobility isn't just about enabling businesses to take action, it's also about the ability to make decisions in real-time, according to a recent Sys-Con Media blog post written by enterprise mobility analyst Kevin Benedict.

Benedict highlighted the philosophy of United States Air Force colonel John Boyd, who placed a lot of value in agility - the ability to develop innovative and quicker ways of thinking. This is the advantage of mobility. It gives the enterprise workforce the ability to gather information in real-time and quickly make decisions based on that information.

"Have you considered the negative impact on your business that might develop if your competitors connected their mobile workforce to real-time business analytics, CRM, EAM, field services, ERP, etc, and you did not," Benedict asked in his post. "What if your competitors could respond faster to customer service issues, optimize real-time scheduling, respond faster to new sales opportunities, solve problems faster and make better decisions in the field? What if they could run circles around you?"

Mobile device management fosters agility

Many businesses have raised concerns over the complexity of mobile device management (MDM). As a recent Osterman research study discovered, the enterprise workforce is bringing more smartphones into the enterprise. Businesses without robust solutions to handle a wide range of devices may face increasing MDM costs due to bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Cost isn't the only issue that can be addressed through comprehensive MDM, however. Just ask which is better: Employees able to use devices they already know how to use (complete with productivity tools) or company-issued devices that may lack productivity features employees have grown accustomed to.

A recent CIO Magazine article confirmed that many enterprise architectures don't provide the range of functionality employees require to do their jobs effectively. According to research from IDC, 75 percent of CFOs also see BYOD as a tool for driving innovation. Businesses may not have a choice, anyway, as IDC predicts preparing for BYOD will be necessary.

Selecting the right mobile device management solution

The area in which business leaders do have a choice is the type of solution they adopt. MDM doesn't have to be a difficult endeavor that requires a large workforce. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) MDM solutions are adventageous for organizations that are concerned about the rising costs to support technology. By purchasing the solution, IT has access to robust support services. SaaS MDM vendors play a crucial role in ensuring proper configuration and helping existing staff fully leverage the solution for the needs of the business.

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