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Enhance employee awareness with MDM and MAM

Mobile devices represent a new territory for businesses to explore with their employees.


Enhance employee awareness with MDM and MAM

mobile device management, mobile application management, security

Mobile devices represent a new territory for businesses to explore with their employees. As with any new territory, it will take time to adapt. The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and expectations are shifting to match that. Employees expect workplace mobility, and it's important for businesses to take a multi-pronged approach to securing mobile devices on corporate networks.

Employees less aware of mobile device security

One of the primary challenges to securing mobile devices in a corporate environment has been a lack of awareness on the part of the user. According to a recent PCWorld article, users don't take the same precautions with mobile devices as they do with desktop computers. A BizTech2 article echoed this sentiment by stating employee awareness is "key to successful mobile device security policies."

PCWorld highlighted some good steps users can take to add security to their mobile devices, such as using strong passcodes and keeping antivirus software updated. Mobile malware is also a growing threat. Much of the malware problem can be mitigated by sticking to official apps from vendor-supported stores.

Security enhanced through mobile device management

One of the reasons for the more cavalier attitude toward mobile device security could be simply due to mobile platforms not being targeted by cybercriminals. While that may lead to consumers feeling more secure now, it may create a security problem in the future, according to a ZDNet article.

"Once cybercriminals realize that they will be able to increase their profits from such technologies, we expect a much larger, more serious targeting of the mobile landscape by 'professional' cybercriminals," said Ken Low, director of enterprise security for Asia-Pacific at Trend Micro, who was quoted in the article.

With more threats to mobile devices on the horizon, businesses can't rely on employee awareness alone. It's still a good idea to alert employees to new mobile threats, but it will be the business that is held liable if sensitive data is compromised.

According to ZDNet, businesses should leverage multiple technologies to improve security. Mobile device management (MDM) should be used to monitor and control access to corporate networks. However, application management shouldn't be ignored. Businesses can use MDM technology to enforce security policies for network-connected devices and mobile application management (MAM) to ensure only malware-free applications can be downloaded.

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