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Apple to attend Black Hat

Apple is taking a pretty big leap forward after announcing plans to speak at the Black Hat security conference.


Apple to attend Black Hat

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Apple is taking a pretty big leap forward after announcing plans to speak at the Black Hat security conference. A recent Bloomberg blog post noted the company has sent its security researchers to the conference before, but has never made a public appearance. However, Dallas De Atleym, manager of Apple’s Platform Security Team, plans to give a mobile device security presentation at Black Hat on July 26. Atleym will highlight the key security technologies within iOS.

"Apple’s security researchers have lurked the halls at Black Hat and other conferences," the article stated. "But the closest anyone has come to seeing someone from Apple speak on stage was 2008. That’s when a panel of Apple insiders was scheduled to give a talk about the company’s security-response team."

The talk was canceled due to the speakers lacking prior approval from Apple marketing, according to Bloomberg. It has been confirmed that Atleym's talk has been sanctioned by marketing.

Apple to showcase iOS device management for BYOD?
Apple's decision to speak at Black Hat turned a few heads in the media. Bloomberg speculated the move could be an attempt by the company to connect with the security community. Black Hat invites leading security experts to identify vulnerabilities, after all. Apple will likely gain valuable insight that could help them bypass potential threats down the road.

A recent Venture Beat article speculated that Apple may be responding to the surge in popularity of bring-your-own-device (BYOD). The conference will provide an opportunity for Apple to showcase the iPhone and iPad as a secure solution for BYOD-enabled enterprises. The article noted Apple recently released a set of iOS guidelines which ensure security is built directly into Apple's mobile devices.

Mobile device security in iOS 6
One of the upgrades coming in iOS 6, which is expected to be released this fall, addresses an app store vulnerability. According to a recent Apple developer blog post, the exploit targets app developers by allowing an attacker to access in-app paid content for free, which is particularly harmful to free-to-install app developers that offer additional paid features.

"If your app follows best practices and performs receipt validation by sending the receipt to your server and having your server perform the validation with the App Store server, your app is not affected by this attack because it does not connect to the App Store server," the post stated. "However, it may be vulnerable to similar attacks when connecting to your server."

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