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New security features coming with iOS 6

Privacy has become a big issue for mobile users and businesses alike, especially after incidents such as the one involving LinkedIn's calendar app.


New security features coming with iOS 6

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Privacy has become a big issue for mobile users and businesses alike, especially after incidents such as the one involving LinkedIn's calendar app. Although LinkedIn stopped using its app to collect consumer data, it brought the issue of privacy to the forefront of many users' minds.

Apple has addressed privacy concerns related to how much access applications can have to information stored on mobile phones, according to a Help Net Security article. Apple's iOS 6 will have new privacy features that warn users if they're about to install an app that accesses information such as calendar, contacts and photo library data.

The article warns that Apple's new privacy features should not downplay the importance of user awareness. The new features effectiveness depends on app developers complying with Apple's requirements, so it will still be important for users to stay aware of potential mobile device security threats.

New features extend beyond iPhone security

The new operating system has generated some buzz beyond the scope of security. Apple revealed enhancements to Siri, and a new application coming with iOS 6.

The new app called "Passbook" is designed to collect documents such as movie tickets and coupons, according to an Ars Technica article. The app goes beyond saving documents by providing timely updates regarding the collected documents.

"The passes are able to integrate with location information (for instance, bringing up the Starbucks pass when you are in range of your favorite Starbucks), and also update live (if your plane's gate changes, your ticket will reflect it)," the article stated.

In addition to improved social media integration, users will be able to open third-party apps through Siri. According to Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS software, the digital assistant has also become more knowledgeable. For example, restaurant search results can be sorted by Yelp rating, and users can access movie information on what's playing in nearby theaters.

Jailbreaking: Still a threat to iPhone security

Enhanced security features included in iOS 6 may be undermined by device jailbreaking. Jailbroken devices still present significant security risks, according to an Infosecurity magazine article. Allowing jailbroken mobile devices to connect to the enterprise network puts company data at risk. Fortunately, mobile device management (MDM) solutions can block access to corporate data from jailbroken and rooted devices.

"A mobile device, properly configured - such as an Apple device not jailbroken or an Android device not rooted – can actually achieve a level of safety that is easily managed," said Gartner analyst John Girard, who was quoted in the article.

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