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Enterprise IT needs stronger support for MDM solutions

Security remains one of the biggest concerns for IT in a mobile workplace.


Enterprise IT needs stronger support for MDM solutions

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Security remains one of the biggest concerns for IT in the mobile workplace. Although there are effective mobile device management solutions available, one of the barriers to BYOD adoption may be a lack of awareness from non-IT business leaders, according to a recent Network Computing article. Despite the growing popularity of the mobility trend, IT often lacks support for implementing effective solutions.

According to Michael Finneran, principal at dBrn Associates, IT often lacks the support required to implement an effective solution until a high profile security incident occurs.

"Even in regulated industries, unless there is a front-page Wall Street Journal story about some event based on a smartphone or tablet that was inadequately protected and significant amounts of sensitive information was released resulting in a regulatory fine, everyone seems to be taking the approach that it probably can't happen," said Finneran, who was quoted in the article.

Finneran also highlighted several security concerns that arise from a company policies that neglect risks imposed by BYOD. For example, few organizations require the encryption of company data stored on personal devices. Failing to account for BYOD risks could create legal trouble for organizations that have compliance requirements or deal with sensitive data.

Mobile device management and the role of IT

Negative user experience is another issue that can be created by a lack of BYOD support. A recent ITWorld article asked whether BYOD makes IT redundant. Limited support services for personal devices--or a lack thereof--can create the perception that enterprise IT has no role managing BYOD programs in the workplace.

ITWorld highlights several measures that can be taken to address the potential risks with BYOD. It all starts with planning. IT can help propose comprehensive BYOD policies that address how company data on personal devices should be treated, and identify the security measures needed to protect that data. IT also plays a crucial role in selecting which devices should be sanctioned and which support services to offer.

"Above all, IT can stay in touch with users, figure out what they need and actively work to both assure users that they are in fact relevant and remind users what IT is doing done on their behalf," the article states. "Many outsourcing decisions are based on bad information."

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