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Apple releases new iOS security guide

Apple recently released a security guide that explains the major security features of its iOS devices.


Apple releases new iOS security guide

ios, security, passcode

Apple recently released a security guide that explains the major security features of its iOS devices. The guide details measures Apple has taken to secure data on mobile devices themselves, and addresses potential iPad and iPhone management concerns.

"Each component of the iOS security platform, from hardware to encryption to device access, provides organizations with the resources they need to build enterprise-grade security solutions," the guide states. "The sum of these parts gives iOS its industry-leading security features, without making the device difficult or cumbersome to use."

The guide highlights "configuration enforcement" features, which empower IT managers by allowing them to enforce security policies with a configuration profile. Administrators can enforce policies by requiring certain configuration settings before allowing network access. For example, users not following company passcode policies may be denied access to the network if their password doesn't mean requirements. In addition, administrators can lock a profile to a specific device, so that users can't remove them.

Some other features the guide mentions are: support for remote wiping, media restrictions by content rating and built-in data protection.

Apple iPhone management tools add security for users

Apple's guide strongly encourages users to set up passcodes with their devices to enable built-in iOS data protection services. For example, in order to protect against brute force attacks, a large iteration count makes each password attempt slower. According to Apple, it would take more than 5.5 years to try all combinations of a 6-digit password with both lowercase letters and numbers.

Users also have the option of enabling a device-wiping feature that automatically clears stored data after 10 failed passcode attempts. This is also one of the policies IT managers can enforce with mobile device management (MDM).

Apple makes mobile device management easier

The guide marks an important milestone for the management of Apple devices, according to a recent CNET article, which compliments the guide as a sign of Apple moving toward better transparency when it comes to security.

"The guide's publication is important because it seems to be the first time Apple has publicly discussed the aforementioned features," the article states. "It also seeks to dispel the theory that Apple creates devices for consumers rather than the corporate market."

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