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Security & Compliance

Think shoulder pads and referees. Your players know how the game works but need a way to play it safe and in accordance with the rules. Are you doing your part to uphold a safety net for your mobile devices and their users?  Use this forum to ask questions and discuss your end-user security & compliance strategy.

Security & Compliance

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  • tbeazley
    3 posts
    Community Member

    Owner Info

    11 July 2012 (Last edited: 11 July 2012)


    Are we able to specify "owner info" on android devices? I have had a quick look but was unable to find it.

    If not, could this feature be considered? It would be handy to have for corporate devices so we can specify generic owner information (being a corporate owned device) on the display when the device is locked, on the off chance an employee loses their phone/tablet and someone is nice enough to return it.  I believe the owner info can be found under security options on most android devices. 



  • jwittkopp
    31 posts
    Community Member

    Re: Owner Info

    11 July 2012


    With MaaS360 you have the ability to specifiy Owner Information upon enrollment or once a device is enrolled, however this is only from a reporting stand point. You will not have the ability to write this information to the device. As of now this will have to be manually set on each device. I can open an enhancement request so that this feature can be considered. 

  • tbeazley
    3 posts
    Community Member

    Re: Owner Info

    11 July 2012

    If you could open a enhacement request that would be great.

    I would like the ability to push out a "generic" owner info on all corporate owned devices so owner info is displayed on the lock screen.

  • 4300 Views | 2 Replies

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