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MaaS360 by Fiberlink

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Ever-evolving technology brings opportunities, but only when managed properly. Read, share and learn how to keep users mobile without compromising the safety of their data. Our MaaS360 experts will post answers to your questions about inventory tracking, patch management, policy configuration and more.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Ever-evolving technology brings opportunities, but only when managed properly. Read, share and learn how to keep users mobile without compromising the safety of their...
  • gwynjudd
    2 posts
    Community Member
  • bagellord
    2 posts
    Community Member

    Android Kiosk Mode Issues

    809 Views | 2 Replies
    Good afternoon. Our company has a number of Samsung tablets deployed to our remote offices as kiosks. We've been using the MDM for Samsung app and using Kiosk Mode to lock them down. Today however, I went in to set up another one, and cannot get kiosk mode to work. It's the same hardware and policy as all the other devices. When I go into Corporate Settings on the device to try and enable it, it gives me a prompt, I press okay, and for a moment a progress dialog box appears with a spinner and then goes away, and no changes have been made. I've tried restarting the device and have removed Maas and provisioned again. I am about to try factory resetting the device
  • Ryan_Roth
    105 posts

    Android Kiosk Mode

    02/17/2014 (Last edited 17 February 2014)
    3004 Views | 20 Replies
    Introducing kiosk mode for non-SAFE Android devices! The only requirement is the MaaS360 app 4.40 or later (Android 2.2+).
  • vhetrick
    340 posts
    Forum Moderator

    MaaS360 iOS 7 MDM Features: Update #1

    09/17/2013 (Last edited 24 September 2013)
    10393 Views | 10 Replies
    On Wednesday, September 18th, Apple released iOS 7 upgrades to existing iOS devices. NOTE: MaaS360 now supports both, currently enrolled devices upgrading to iOS 7 and new device enrollments running iOS 7. This note describes some of the key, new MDM features made available in iOS 7 and outlines how you can utilize each of them in MaaS360. If you have additional questions, please contact us via the MaaSters Center (here), via support at ops@fiberlink.com or 800-546-5750. Thank you for choosing MaaS360!
  • bogertw
    9 posts
    Community Member

    iOS7 and Activation Lock

    09/18/2013 (Last edited 18 September 2013)
    3964 Views | 9 Replies
    With the new Activation Lock feature in iOS7, doing a wipe of a device prompts for the previous activators iCloud ID/Password (I think that's correct).  So, my understanding is that to wipe a corporate device so it can go to another person, we would unlock it (assuming we know the code) and then Reset All Content and Settings.
  • Giovanni
    8 posts
    Community Member

    Apple Enrollment Service

    2621 Views | 2 Replies
    Is Fiberlink working on participating in Apple's Streamlined MDM Device enrollment program, Apple Enrollment Service, with MaaS360? The service is described as:
  • Dazman
    4 posts
    Community Member

    Disable Camera between different times of the day

    1273 Views | 2 Replies
    Hi there,
  • Chaffner
    4 posts
    Community Member

    Prevent Users Upgrading to new IOS?

    1649 Views | 3 Replies
    Is there a way to prevent users from upgrading their IOS 6.x iPads to IOS 7?  We have several corporate owned iPads running an application that is not IOS 7 compatible.  I thought that, by preventing the installation of apps, I would also be preventing them from updating the IOS.  Thtat does not appear to be the case.  If this is not possible, is it an Apple limitation, or a fuction not yet implemented by MaaS360?
  • beichman
    4 posts
    Community Member

    iOS 7 Unable to Send Mail

    3988 Views | 8 Replies
    Devices that have been upgraded to iOS 7 are at times unable to send mail. To fix the issue, turn the device off/on. 
  • Chaffner
    4 posts
    Community Member

    Alert Center seeing alot of Red

    1651 Views | 1 Replies
    OK, I've been seeing a lot of red warnings in my Alert Center when I sign into the portal.  It appears to have happened after IOS 7 went live.
  • j.farinas
    7 posts
    Community Member

    iOS 7 Silent Install on Supervised Devices

    2413 Views | 1 Replies
    Hi, Does anyone know if an iTunes ID is still required on the device to install an App on a Supervised device. Also running into an issue where we have to re-install the MaaS360 app if it was downloaded directly from the App Store, anyway around that? In the past of curtain devices we would install MaaS360 the Apple Configurator and install apps because because it was much simpler and convenient.
  • csultanik
    8 posts
    Forum Moderator

    Recorded webinar: iOS 7 Part 1 encore (UK) slides and recording are now available!

    09/25/2013 (Last edited 25 September 2013)
    1683 Views | 0 Replies
    iOS 7 is here! Learn how to take advantage of powerful enterprise features. 
  • csultanik
    8 posts
    Forum Moderator

    iOS 7 Deep Dive - webinar recording and slides now available!

    09/25/2013 (Last edited 27 September 2013)
    2231 Views | 0 Replies
    Don't miss part 2 of our iOS 7 webinar series! Recording and slides are now available. 
  • vhetrick
    340 posts
    Forum Moderator

    MaaS360 for iOS Version 2.22 Now Available

    2278 Views | 0 Replies
    MaaS360 for iOS version 2.22 is now available in the Apple App Store.  This version will provide end users with enhanced messaging if the MaaS360 app was downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store, making it an unmanaged app.  Due to changes made by Apple to increase end user privacy, any new iOS 7 device enrolling into MaaS360 must download and install MaaS360 in one of the following ways in order to be a managed app.

    -Using Step 4 of the Enrollment Process through Safari
    -Clicking Free on the MaaS360 app in the App Catalog
    -Going into the App Catalog, clicking on the gear in the upper right hand corner and then clicking Install MDM App

    This also applies to any device that has upgraded to iOS 7 prior to installing MaaS360 for iOS version 2.20 or higher.

    MaaS360 is recommending every customer create a distribution of MaaS360 for iOS for the app to be present in the App Catalog.  To do this, go to Apps -> Catalog, click Add App, select iTunes App Store App.  Search for MaaS360 for iOS as the app source and select any option you may want to include.  We normally suggest Remove on Selective Wipe and MDM Removal as well as Restrict Data Backup to iTunes.  From here, you have three options to use for distribtion.
  • vhetrick
    340 posts
    Forum Moderator

    MaaS360 iOS 7 MDM Features: Update #2

    09/24/2013 (Last edited 26 September 2013)
    3372 Views | 0 Replies
    MaaS360 is continuing to add support for new features to support iOS 7.  This is in continuation to the first update which can be found here: MaaS360 iOS 7 MDM Features: Update #1  These new features will be elevated in the evening of Sept 25 with the exception of the 1 and 4 below item which already exist.
  • vhetrick
    340 posts
    Forum Moderator

    Touch ID on the iPhone 5S

    09/18/2013 (Last edited 26 September 2013)
    3341 Views | 3 Replies
    With the release of the iPhone 5S, Apple has included a new feature called Touch ID, which is a new fingerprint identity sensor allowing users to easily unlock the device or confirm iTunes, App Store or iBooks payment authorization with a touch of the home screen.  It is not currently possible for other apps to integrate with Touch ID.

    Touch ID is in addition to a device passcode, and the passcode will still be required to continue to meet all configured security requirements.  This is so there is a fallback mechanism to get into the device in case Touch ID is unable to read your fingerprint.

    MaaS360 allows administrators to disable Touch ID via policy:
  • csultanik
    8 posts
    Forum Moderator

    Webinar: iOS 7 is here! Learn how to take advantage of powerful enterprise features.

    09/12/2013 (Last edited 19 September 2013)
    7598 Views | 2 Replies
    View the on-demand recording:
  • clay
    1 posts
    Community Member

    iOS Location Services

    1822 Views | 1 Replies
    Am I crazy or in the past could you lock down "Location Services" on iOS devices with MaaS360?  Did this change?
  • vvarian
    10 posts
    Forum Moderator

    Live Webinar: Embracing Complete BYOD Security with MDM and NAC

    08/16/2013 (Last edited 23 August 2013)
    2364 Views | 0 Replies
    In the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era, the ability to manage and secure employee-owned devices that connect to corporate data is essential. The combination of mobile device management (MDM) and network access control (NAC) provides one of the most flexible approaches to securely support BYOD.
  • vvarian
    10 posts
    Forum Moderator

    Live Webinar: Deploying iPads in Education - A Case Study

    08/15/2013 (Last edited 16 August 2013)
    1832 Views | 0 Replies
    Randy Saeks, District Network Manager at Glencoe School District 35, had a problem; how to quickly deploy, manage and secure iPads at scale to support learning plans for the coming school year.
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