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MaaS360 by Fiberlink

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Ever-evolving technology brings opportunities, but only when managed properly. Read, share and learn how to keep users mobile without compromising the safety of their data. Our MaaS360 experts will post answers to your questions about inventory tracking, patch management, policy configuration and more.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Ever-evolving technology brings opportunities, but only when managed properly. Read, share and learn how to keep users mobile without compromising the safety of their...
  • Pragati Chaplot Jain
    51 posts
    Community Member

    On-Demand Webinar: Assessing and Adding Windows 8.1 Value to Your Enterprise Windows Line Up

    176 Views | 0 Replies
    Desktops, laptops and windows phone, are all nice to have but how do you manage, secure and add value to your enterprise windows line up?
  • tfries
    2 posts
    Community Member

    Last know location

    223 Views | 0 Replies
    If I build a test IPad the location works fine. If I instruct someone it seems to fail. I haven't got any of our IPads working with location except the one I build. I follow my instructions too
  • CitizenSane
    14 posts
    Community Member

    Location reporting

    3555 Views | 12 Replies
  • RonnieWhittaker
    1 posts
    Community Member

    MaaS360 free and Spiceworks

    347 Views | 0 Replies
    Hello i wass informed over at the Spiceworks forums that I could use MaaS360 free via Spiceworks to handle the invenroty/tracking of our DELL Lattitude 10, and Venue 11 Tablets. Both these models run full Windows 8.0 and 8.1 versions.
  • sgaskin
    1 posts
    Community Member

    Controlling app logins or wiping data on Android

    352 Views | 0 Replies
    We are a public library trying to put out Samsung Android tablets for public use.
  • MRobovic
    1 posts
    Community Member

    MaaS360 On-Premise Installation

    350 Views | 0 Replies
  • josemunozjr
    1 posts
    Community Member

    Letting Users know they have ActiveSync and Email Capabilities

    457 Views | 1 Replies
    I actived the Active Syn part of of my security settings under ActiveSync, and then published the changes to the new policy, which sent an update to an Android phone I'm testing with. 
  • golf5367
    1 posts
    Community Member

    How to remove MAAS360 from Android

    507 Views | 1 Replies
    I left the company and am no longer connected to the MAAS360 infrastructure. How do I remove the device admin so I can get my phone back.
  • bogertw
    12 posts
    Community Member

    Can portal alerts be emailed?

    555 Views | 1 Replies
    We recently logged into the portal and saw the message that our Apple MDM Certificate would expire in a few days.  We do not access the portal every single day, and we were curious if there is a way to have all messages/alerts similar to that be emailed to administrators of our account rather than rely on us logging into the portal to see if there's a message there?
  • ScottA
    2 posts
    Community Member

    Secure Browser and SDK identifier to intermediaries

    451 Views | 1 Replies
  • bogertw
    12 posts
    Community Member

    Office 365 Hybrid setup

    455 Views | 2 Replies
    We currently have an in-house Exchange 2007 server with the cloud extender connected to it.  We will be updating the Exchange server to 2010.  We will soon be starting an Office 365 migration project where we will move some, but initially not all, mailboxes to the cloud (a Hybrid Office 365 setup). 
  • ADunlop
    2 posts
    Community Member

    Reset Device Passcode Question

    551 Views | 2 Replies
    I used a test phone to try out the "Reset Device Passcode" function for Windows Phone 8.1.
  • jlambert
    10 posts
    Community Member

    MaaS360 for Android 5.0 and Preparing for the Future

    490 Views | 0 Replies
    Over the past 4 years and many updates, the MaaS360 for Android app has grown and matured significantly.  It started life as a way to manage company policy on an Android phone, an important a necessary tool for enterprises to get their hands around the mobile devices in use in the organization.
  • hupton
    5 posts
    Community Member

    Galaxy s5 fingerprint scanner

    3678 Views | 8 Replies
    Hi, we have a user who has a new Samsung Galaxy s5. When putting our policies on the phone it greyed out his option to use the fingerprint scanner. I know with iPhones we haven't had any issues with users not being able to use the fingerprint scanner. Is this something that will be added in the future? Thanks.
  • GRISam
    1 posts
    Community Member

    Do you standardize devices for MDM?

    795 Views | 2 Replies
    We are in a position where we can order new devices for our users.
  • kgriffin
    1 posts
    Community Member

    MaaS360 wants me to enroll my device after removing the MDM

    765 Views | 1 Replies
    I had enrolled my Macbook Pro for testing purposes, and after testing, I removed the OS X control. I also deleted my user profile. Now, everytime I turn on my Mac, I am asked to enroll in the MDM. How to I remove that? Is it on my local laptop, or is it on the MDM?  Thank you.
  • HEx-Admin
    1 posts
    Community Member

    Co-existence of MaaS360 and Airwatch...

    646 Views | 1 Replies
    We are in a rather precarious situation where our parent compnay has deployed Airwatch MDM on all our corporate IOS devices which we are not permitted to use for any of our own App deployments or team-specific device configurations. We have reviewed various MDM environments and selected MaaS360 for our in-house use.
  • 2014_08_14
    144 posts

    MaaS360 End User Self Service Portal

    1440 Views | 1 Replies
    You may have heard about or used the MaaS360 End User Portal.  Based on customer feedback, we have recently upgraded it for a better end user experience.  Its now cleaner and simpler to use with additional actions.  The MaaS360 administrator can turn this on at any time by enabling the service in your MaaS360 Trial or full production portal.
  • KaylaBittner
    48 posts

    On-Demand Demo: EMM Fundamentals with MaaS360

    07/30/2014 (Last edited 12 August 2014)
    1234 Views | 0 Replies
  • KaylaBittner
    48 posts

    On-Demand Webinar: EMM: The Big Bang Theory

    07/29/2014 (Last edited 5 August 2014)
    1086 Views | 0 Replies
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