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Mobile App Management (MAM)

Mobile apps are the leading attraction to smartphones and tablets, but every organization handles them differently. How will you reap the productivity benefits and discard the security risks? Use this forum to discuss your strategy for app distribution, lifecycle management, user compliance and more.

Mobile App Management (MAM)
  • Mobile App Management (MAM)

    Mobile apps are the leading attraction to smartphones and tablets, but every organization handles them differently. How will you reap the productivity benefits and di...
  • KaylaBittner
    75 posts

    On-Demand Webinar: Securing Mobile This Holiday Season

    11/26/2014 (Last edited 4 December 2014)
    937 Views | 0 Replies
    ‘Tis the season for mobile commerce madness!
  • Joe Pappano
    69 posts
    Community Member

    iOS 5 (Part 3 of 3): New App Management Features – Webinar – November 10, 2011

    11/10/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    6227 Views | 0 Replies
    Join Joshua Lambert for this webinar (featuring a live demo) and learn how to:
  • Pragati Chaplot Jain
    59 posts
    Community Member

    Planning to Develop In-house Apps for iOS 5?

    09/28/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    6710 Views | 0 Replies
    Industry experts and Apple fans are anxiously waiting for the unveiling of the iOS 5. The iOS 5 offers a host of interesting features for developers like iCloud, voice commands, Newstand, Twitter integration, etc. If you are an application developer and are interested in exploring these features, your enterprise must enroll in the Apple Enterprise Developer program.
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    Get Your Head in the Game! A Sports Fan's iPhone App Essentials

    09/21/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    4933 Views | 0 Replies
    ScoreCenter is the third and final place you should ever find yourself during gametime (next to the stadium or in front of your television). And we're talking emergencies only because you will only get to see the scoring updates, not the big plays live in action! This app allows you to follow your favorite Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, and Cricket teams when you are on the go/too busy to catch the game.
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    3 iPhone Apps Every Lawyer Should Have

    09/19/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    5130 Views | 0 Replies
    Sign-n-Send does just what the title indicates: it allows you to sign your documents and send them out while you’re on the go. There is a paid and a free version of this app. The downside of the free version is an ad that appears as the first page for any document you send out. If this is an app you’ll be using frequently, the $1.99 app is the recommended option. 
    Here’s how it works:
    -Before you open the app, copy the page you need to sign to your iPhone’s clipboard (press down on it, wait for it to highlight, select Copy).
    -Upon opening Sign-n-Send, tap the button on the top left indicated by a left-pointing arrow and a stack of pages
    -Tap the yellow button titled New
    -Select the option From Clipboard Image
    -The page you copied earlier will appear
    -Now you have the option to either Type your name (in which case the button is an A) or Hand-write it (the button is a pencil)
    -Sign/Type your name in wherever appropriate, then tap Send
    The Law Guide goes into as much depth as most legal research guides and is free of charge—there’s no need to lug around a thick hardbound book when you can fit it all in your pocket!
    Here’s how it works:
    -If you need to look up a term quickly, tap the Dictionary icon and enter the search term into the search bar indicated by the magnifying lens (the dictionary contains over 7,500 up to date definitions)
    -Any term you know you’ll be going back to can be bookmarked for quick access in the future by tapping the Bookmark icon in the upper right of the screen
    -If you need to do a dive into a particular form of law, the app features a Guide where you can chose from over 15 topics and browse frequently asked questions and basic information
    D-Day will answer the following questions for you whenever you need it to: “What date is X days away from today?”, “What date was X days ago?”, and “How many days are between X date and X date?” If you don’t have the standard 12 month calendar memorized front to back but you wish you did, your wish is this app’s command.
    Here’s how it works:
    -Open the app and tap the calculator icon on bar that appears on the bottom
    -Next to from, select the date where the counting originates (this will be pre-set to the present date unless you need to forward track/backtrack)
    -If you need to know what date rests X days into the future, tap the drop down that appears next to after and input the number of days (follow the same procedure for dates before). The date will automatically appear!
    -If you’d like to remember this date, tap the green plus icon that appears next to the date to add a D-Date (include the Title, a Memo if appropriate, whether it repeats, or if this is a birthday)
    -To ensure you’ll be reminded, make sure to tap the Setting button on the icon bar that appears at the bottom, tap Alert, select On and submit your preferences
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    Flagship Apps of iOS 5

    09/13/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    10779 Views | 0 Replies
    View this webinar recording and learn how your organization can leverage iOS 5 and iCloud to improve your end-users' mobile experience and make it simpler to deploy, secure, and support iPhones and iPads.
  • Joe Pappano
    69 posts
    Community Member

    New Rules for Delivering and Managing Enterprise Mobile Apps on iOS and Android Devices - Webinar - 5/26/2011

    05/26/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    6624 Views | 0 Replies
    Learn how Enterprise App Stores can help you distribute, secure, and manage mobile apps while establishing new rules for how all apps are deployed throughout your organization.
  • LopezResearch
    4 posts
    Community Member

    Mobility Management Part 4: Five Common Mobile Device and Application Questions Answered

    12/14/2010 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    7178 Views | 0 Replies
    It’s December, which means it is time for analysts like myself to make predictions. I believe 2011 is about device proliferation not consolidation.  In the mobile landscape we've spent the past 10 years trying to consolidate everything into a single device, which we deemed the "smartphone". Today, the adoption of devices like the iPad and Kindle are demonstrating that consumers and businesses are embracing devices that excel at a single or small number of functions. While not a wildly controversial prediction, this move from a Swiss army knife device to several connected devices per person has major implications for business IT. I’ll spend the remainder of the post answering several common questions, which are:
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