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Mobile App Management (MAM)

Mobile apps are the leading attraction to smartphones and tablets, but every organization handles them differently. How will you reap the productivity benefits and discard the security risks? Use this forum to discuss your strategy for app distribution, lifecycle management, user compliance and more.

Mobile App Management (MAM)

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    5 Apps that will Revivify Your Daily Routine

    7 September 2011 (Last edited: 14 June 2012)

    Each of these iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Apps will help you chip away at your bad tendencies--whether they be arriving late for work, forgetting things, spending the right amount of money, staying out of touch with the world, or sharing your files.


     Beat the Traffic

    You know which route you'd like to take in your car but have no way of knowing what lies ahead. A small fenderbender could leave you sitting in bumper to bumper traffic longer than you can afford. Beat the Traffic gives you the peace of mind you've been looking for. You'll never second guess your decision to take your preferred route again.

    How it works:

    - Program your preferred and frequently used travel routes into the phone based on starting point and end point

    - Check the traffic map before you get in your car (red indicates slow moving traffic, yellow is medium, green is fast)

    - If your preferred travel route appears congested take the best detour available or wait it out. You'll be frustration-free and on your way.


     Remember the Milk

    If you've stayed away from calendars your whole life to reduce complication, its time to leave your forgetful tendencies behind. This app makes it possible to schedule any range of tasks in such a way that it doesn't even seem like work. You'll never forget to do anything again. All of your updates are linked to your account, so anywhere you have access to the internet you have instant access to your tasks.

    How it works:

    - Make an account and the last thing you'll ever have to remember is your username and password

    - Discipline yourself at the outset. Whenever something pops up, create tasks with a short description and indication of the category (work, personal, educational, etc...), time/day due, priority, and whether it repeats. It takes seconds.

    - For important/must-do tasks make sure you enable reminders (just in case)

    - Access your account via the app or the web on your computer to review your schedule and you'll never forget to do a single thing again



    Tired of emailing yourself attachments? Or forgetting your memory stick? This app turns your smartphone into a USB stick that can be accessed anywhere with internet. The best part: it takes up no space on your phone. As long as you have an account, Dropbox allows you more space in the cloud than you'll likely ever need. Start uploading and sharing your files today!

    How it works:

    - Make an account and remember your login and password

    - Create folders to categorize your files based on topic

    - If you would like to share a folder with another person, create a shared folder and enter their email address (dont worry--they will only have access to the files in this folder)


     Simple Tip Calculator

    Living in a recession changes the way we approach our transactions; if you decide to go out for food, you may be holding back a little on your orders. No matter what, you shouldn't let your conservative spending negatively impact your servers (after all they need to earn a living too). With this app you'll never walk away from your table/close your tab with a guilty conscience again.

    How it works:

    - Enter the total amount of your bill

    - If you are splitting the bill, indicate how many people you are splitting with

    - Depending on how good the meal/service was select a percentage 15% or more

    - The Tip and Total Bill amount will be shown at the bottom of the screen


     Fluent News

     Kicking back in an easy chair and working your way through the newspaper is a luxury that few are afforded in today's fast paced life. That does not change our innate desire to stay informed with the happenings around us. Around the clock, Fluent News pools together news in every category you can imagine (Weather, US, World, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Opinion, Analysis, Health, Lifestyle, and Travel) from a wide variety of sources, giving you true, free, on the go reliability you're looking for.

    How it works:

    - Top news will automatically load when the app opens (news sources are indicated in bold at bottom of the description)

    - Tap Related to view same story from different sources

    - View Sections tab to narrow down your topic of interest

    - Save your articles or share them via Facebook, Twitter and Email by tapping the center button that appears at the bottom

  • 8815 Views | 0 Replies

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