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Laptop Management

iPhones, iPads and Androids haven’t beaten out the laptops—they’ve joined them. Chances are you are looking for a way to implement total enterprise device management to include smartphones and tablets. Share how you’ll address change among users, devices and applications while preventing security risks.

Laptop Management

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  • bcampbell
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    Cisco 412 Error – Remote Host Not Responding

    3 June 2010 (Last edited: 14 June 2012)

    The Cisco 412 Error is a very common error with the Cisco VPN client.  This typically means that you don’t have an Internet connection.  Some things to try, in troubleshooting this error, would be to:

    • See if you can browse the Internet.  If not, check your proxy settings and clear them if there’s a proxy being used.
    • If you’re at a hotel, the hotel could be blocking the ports required for Cisco VPN client to communicate with the concentrator.  You can talk to the hotel management to have this looked at.
    • If you’re using a wireless connection, try plugging directly in to your network connection with an Ethernet cable or try some other transport, like an aircard.
    • Try turning off your personal firewall.  It could be malfunctioning and not allow the desired traffic through.
    • Edit the Cisco VPN profile with an editor and change ForceKeepAlive=0 to ForceKeepAlive =1
    • Turn on NAT-T/TCP in your profile (remember to unblock port 10000 in your firewall or turn the firewall off temporarily) Check with your technical support that the concentrator you’re trying to reach is in operation, or try another concentrator (if applicable).

  • 34746 Views | 0 Replies

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