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Laptop Management

iPhones, iPads and Androids haven’t beaten out the laptops—they’ve joined them. Chances are you are looking for a way to implement total enterprise device management to include smartphones and tablets. Share how you’ll address change among users, devices and applications while preventing security risks.

Laptop Management

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  • bcampbell
    52 posts
    Community Member

    Cisco VPN Error: Reason 413: User authentication failed.

    3 June 2010 (Last edited: 14 June 2012)

    This is an authentication error from the Cisco VPN client.  Either the username and/or password entered was incorrect or the VPN client was not able to launch the XAuth (user authentication) process.  You may also see this with the 413 error “The necessary VPN sub-system is not available. You cannot connect to the remote VPN server.”

    • You may need to work with your network administrator or help desk to make sure your account is ok (not locked) and you’re using the correct credentials.
    • If you’re using tokens, make sure the token key is synchronized.
    • In some cases, if you’re connected and then get disconnect with this error, uninstalling and re-installing the VPN client may help.
    • Sometimes a firewall or anti-virus policy mismatch needs to be checked.

  • bwilliams1958
    1 posts
    Community Member

    Re: Cisco VPN Error: Reason 413: User authentication failed.

    10 July 2011 (Last edited: 14 June 2012)

    If you are using Cisco VPN program installed on your PC, you may need to edit the configuration. In my company, we use two level authentication. The first one is digital certificate and the second is active directory username and password. It's possible your particular internet connection is not compatible with your digital certificate. You can turn off transparent tunneling and use ipsec transport or leave it on and use ipsec over tcpip on port 4555 or use ipsec over udp. But you could connect to another internet circuit (example - free wifi at mcdonalds or barnes and nobles) and try your vpn.

  • 113720 Views | 1 Replies

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