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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Employees are bringing their own iPhones, iPads and Androids to work at an unprecedented rate. To the disappointment of many, there is no one-size-fits-all method to address end-user privacy and network security concerns. Use this forum to discuss how you’ll beat devices to the door with a well-founded BYOD policy.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Employees are bringing their own iPhones, iPads and Androids to work at an unprecedented rate. To the disappointment of many, there is no one-size-fits-all method to ...
  • KaylaBittner
    75 posts

    On-Demand Webinar: Wearable Applications for the Enterprise: Google Glass and Beyond

    07/01/2014 (Last edited 11 July 2014)
    2272 Views | 0 Replies
  • vhetrick
    430 posts
    Forum Moderator

    Getting "Package File Invalid" when downloading apps from Google Play

    3576 Views | 0 Replies
    Some customers have reported a "Package File Invalid" error when downloading MaaS360.
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    How to Text Faster on the 4.0 ICS Google Android

    02/20/2012 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    5028 Views | 0 Replies
    Since our last post on the topic, texting hasn't become any easier. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just Google auto-correct mistakes and you'll soon understand (and will probably find yourself laughing very hard). The good news is, there are ways to keep yourself off of the Worst Auto-Corrects of 2012.
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    Ice Cream Sandwiches on Tonight's Dessert Menu
    (Best Place to Watch Google's Android Event Online)

    10/18/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    5464 Views | 0 Replies
    If you've been hoping to catch the Google/Samsung event this evening, there are in fact places you can do so online. The event will be streamed on YouTube at this address at approximately 9:30 pm Eastern: http://www.youtube.com/android
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    Get Ready! Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 to be Released October 18th

    10/14/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    4878 Views | 0 Replies
    If you read our last post about the Samsung/Google Unpacked Event, you know the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS and Nexus Prime were scheduled to be released October 11th. These planned releases were postponed out of respect for the passing of Steve Jobs.
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    Apple's iPhone 4S vs. Samsung's Galaxy Nexus: A Tech Spec Comparison

    10/06/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    14891 Views | 0 Replies
    Now that we know we won't be seeing an iPhone 5 for at least a few more months let's take some time to pit the newly announced iPhone 4S vs. Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Nexus (code named Nexus Prime). These soon-to-be-released smartphones come with upgraded operating systems and are cram packed with top notch hardware, hence will be competing fiercely to win over the consumer this holiday season. The Galaxy Nexus will likely be unveiled at next week's Unpacked event co-hosted by Google and Samsung.
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    Expectations for the Upcoming Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event

    10/03/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    12383 Views | 0 Replies
    Update (10/7): Samsung and Google have postponed their planned launch of the Galaxy Nexus
  • Joe Pappano
    69 posts
    Community Member

    RIP Motorola and webOS

    08/19/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    5492 Views | 0 Replies
    HP has taken webOS off life support. Google has bought Motorola. While the passing of a technology, product, or company is sad, these events really mark the natural order of the marketplace, and the smartphone market is no different. All markets go through these five phases
  • jharrington
    124 posts
    Community Member

    Is Google+ the Future of Social Networking?

    07/14/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    5853 Views | 0 Replies
    An invite to try out Google+ as a Field Trial member appeared in my Gmail Inbox yesterday.  Ordinarily, I would be like a kid again tearing into my next birthday present (a common response to new content from Google—right?).  But this was different: my 22-year-old self had the prominent figure of Mark Zuckerberg sitting on one shoulder and years of efficacious Google search queries (that had been returned to me at light speed) on the other.  I tried to snap out of it. This wasn’t a life changing decision; since signing up for Twitter more than a year ago I haven’t “tweeted” anything and have managed to keep in touch with the outside world just fine.
  • rhope
    1 posts
    Community Member

    Impressions From Google I/O 2011

    05/16/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    8945 Views | 0 Replies
    For me the biggest takeaway from the software developers conference Google I/O 2011 was the incredible variety of ways developers are using Android to accomplish new and interesting (or sometimes not so interesting) tasks.  A sampling of the announcements from the Android keynote address helps to illustrate the wide variety of Android uses available today and in the near future.
  • Donna Lima
    31 posts
    Community Member

    Motorola Announces WiFi-only XOOM Available on 3/27/11 for $599

    03/17/2011 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    7034 Views | 0 Replies
    Motorola has officially announced that they will be releasing a WiFi-only version of their Android 3.0 tablet, the XOOM.  They initially launched a 3G-capable model for Verizon Wireless right before the Apple iPad 2 launch.  That model will be eligible for a 4G upgrade for free in the future, although it does require owners to physically mail in their devices to Motorola for a radio swap to enable LTE support on Verizon’s 4G network, it is still a pretty good incentive. 
  • Donna Lima
    31 posts
    Community Member

    The X Factor: My first week with the Droid X

    07/30/2010 (Last edited 14 June 2012)
    4929 Views | 0 Replies
    I have been wanting to get a Google Android powered mobile device for the past year and last week it finally happened!  Over the last year I have been doing research on Android by Google and was keeping a close watch on the blogs and news about the features, changes and upcoming devices trying to decide which device to go with and when to get one. Below is my story about my first week with the Motorola Droid X. 
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