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Verizon iPhone? Android 3.0? What's Next?

Verizon iPhone? Android 3.0? What's Next?

by MaaS360 staff | January 11, 2011

Today has seen Apple bring the first CDMA compatible iPhone to Verizon Wireless. To many of your employees, this means that they can finally get the phone of their choice on the carrier of their choice.  Something to line up for in the streets on a cold day of February and celebrate, for sure.

But what does this mean to you, the Enterprise administrator?  Well, it means that you will need to track these devices by ESN instead of IMEI, for one.  And that means another upgrade of your MDM software.  Time to schedule the maintenance window, file the change control, and make sure your backups are fresh. 

That is getting to be a pretty common theme these days.  Just think back to the last few months of the changes we have seen: 

  1. Apple catching the iPad up to the iPhone 4 including multi-tasking, multiple exchange mailbox support, and of course the MDM API.
  2. Android 2.3 releasing with the Nexus S bringing cut and paste, UI refinements, and the ability to be able (finally!) to wipe that external data card your employees are saving data to.
  3. Windows Phone 7 entering the fray bringing a whole new look, and with it, support questions. 
It has been an exciting finish to 2010 for those who track and manage these devices.  So, what does 2011 have in store for us?  Well, it looks like the Mobility train is just picking up speed: 
  1. As we have seen today the iPhone has finally landed on big red, and with it the first CDMA based iPhone. 
  2. Everyone’s favorite Android is being upgraded to 3.0, and will be armed with plenty of tablets to choose from.
  3. The next iPhone will see the light of day in the summer, and along with it iOS 5. 
  4. The first update release to Windows Phone 7. 
And that is just what we already know and can plan on in an early week of January, without even mentioning Nokia, RIM, or Palm devices.    

This is a pace and scale of change that we have not seen before in the IT industry.  Half a dozen supported vendors are rolling out major new OS releases every year, with significant updates in between.  Smartphone sales are set to exceed that of laptops.  To further compound that, your employees are upgrading to the new OS or buying that new phone the day of release!  No more waiting for the OS to enter the officially supported list. 

You are signing up for a lot of upgrades to your mobile device management without much time to test, prepare or wait for a maintenance window.  

What if your device management platform upgraded itself when these events occurred?  What if you didn’t have to worry about backing up, in case the upgrade went sideways?  Or, all of the testing, QA and process controls every time a mobile vendor pushes a new update? 

You need a cloud service.  You need MaaS360.

MaaS360 exists in the cloud to offer solutions for the cloud. Learn more about MaaS360 Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Management.  Download the MDM Data Sheet.

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