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Europe: Limitless “Windows” of Mobile Opportunity

Although fighting to gain traction in North America, Windows Phones are outperforming the competition in Europe.

by Kevin Olivieri | 19 May 2014

Wearable Mobile Devices on the Rise - Will They Reach Your Enterprise?

How will smartwatches, Google Glass and other wearable mobile technology impact the enterprise mobility management strategies of tomorrow?

by jharrington | 22 Mar 2013

BYOD in Manufacturing: Bouncing Back with Mobile Technology

Learn how iPhones, iPads and other smart devices have factored into successes in manufacturing by maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

by jharrington | 19 Feb 2013

The 'What', 'When' and 'Why' of Windows 8

The release of Microsoft's long-awaited Windows 8 is on the horizon, and with the new operating system comes a handful of new features that promise to please the crowd, whether opting to utilize it on smartphone, tablet, or traditional PC.

by Rob Patey | 18 Oct 2012

Amazon Smartphone a Smart Decision

According to reports, Foxconn is working with Amazon to develop a new smartphone, one which could make a stronger case for business use than its tablet predecessor.

by MaaS360 staff | 09 Jul 2012

Embracing App Culture in your Enterprise

On my smartphone, I have applications for managing my tasks, appointments and documents, creating my shopping lists, a flashlight, games and quizzes, videos, educational tools for my little one, etc. Recently, based on my colleague’s recommendation, I downloaded another app Beat the Traffic for easing my commute to the office. The smartphone surge has led to an ‘app culture’ surge.

by MaaS360 staff | 14 Sep 2011

Why My BlackBerry is Still a Great Device

I made a comment a few weeks ago in a meeting that I thought my BlackBerry Bold 9700 was still a great device.  I was promptly corrected by one high ranking individual.  I’ve thought about the comment and reaction on and off since then, and I wanted to clarify, to perhaps put some context around the statement.  Usually when I feel this way it means I’m about to dig a deeper hole.  I tip my hat to getting dirty.

by Jonathan Dale | 25 Jan 2011

When a BlackBerry meant you were privileged

I remember days past when I longed to have a BlackBerry. I would see executives and directors carrying their BlackBerry devices all the time. They always had their heads down looking like they were doing something important. Hey, what’s more important than reading their email while walking to the break room?

by Jonathan Dale | 18 Jan 2011

Can Android Predict The Future?

So here we at the dawn of a new year, looking out to the unknown opportunities that await us.  The Smartphone market is ripe for the next great leap forward, and out of China comes something that forces us to take a big step backwards.  Gemini, or Geimini, is the latest Trojan to impact the Android operating system.  Notice, I didn’t say the first Trojan.  There have been others, like Trojan-SMS last summer, and just like that one, this Geimini Trojan disguises itself as an application.  The Trojan collects information from the device, connects to remote systems and has the potential of receiving commands.  All pretty common stuff for a Trojan, but new to the Smartphone space.  

by MaaS360 staff | 04 Jan 2011

Call Failed…might as well be in the office.

If you have ever used a smartphone  (or cell phone) you know the sound. It’s the one when you are talking and the line disconnects. You look at your phone, but you already know what happened. You dropped another call in mid sentence.  Do I call them back or will they call me back? You play voicemail tag for a minute or two, and then one person stops calling and the other one gets through. You are connected again and hopefully this time you can finish the conversation.  What a pain in the neck. Not to mention the bit of embarrassment when apologizing to the other party.

by Jonathan Dale | 15 Dec 2010

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