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IT support calls should be more like doctor visits. Really?

I recently went to my doctor to investigate something that was troubling me.  Believe it or not, several times a minute I feel a short vibration or buzz in my heart area. It has been happening for 3- 4 weeks and, until late last week, I did not realize it was actually my heart. I had dismissed it for weeks thinking it was my breathing, vibrations in the floor of my office, and, yes, my BlackBerry.

by Jonathan Dale | 07 Dec 2010

Does the 32 Bit Operating System Have a Limited Shelf Life?

Relax, this won’t be one of those geeky articles with bits and bytes, and overly-complicated technical jargon. I want to share real-life observations about buying a computer, and describe how it relates to the business community. 

by MaaS360 staff | 20 Jan 2010

2010 Predictions

By Clint Adams, Fiberlink.

by MaaS360 staff | 11 Jan 2010

Looking Into Windows 7

by MaaS360 staff | 11 Sep 2009

IT Transparency in Washington, DC

A With government pumping hundreds of billions into the U.S. economy this year and last in an attempt to save the country from total economic disaster, more and more people are asking where and how that money is being spent.  An article in the Washington Post last week outlines the problem the Obama administration “tech-savvy as it is,” according to Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.), will have ensuring transparency.

by MaaS360 staff | 28 May 2009

The MEvolution Continues in Print

April 15, 2009 (Blue Bell, PA) – ME: Mobility Enterprise Magazine, a quarterly publication that highlights business and technology issues relevant to mobility enterprises, premiered today with its inaugural issue.   The magazine chronicles the trends, talk, and technology of the emerging mobility era. 

by MaaS360 staff | 15 Apr 2009

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