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iPhone 6 and the Enterprise: 4 Key Features

With the new iPhone 6's released today, we dive into the 4 key features that could have the biggest impact on the enterprise!

by Kevin Olivieri | 19 Sep 2014

iOS 7 – Helping Business Quit CrackBerry

While the physical keyboard has gone the way of the dinosaur, the other benefits offered by the BlackBerry experience —like native OS security and isolation of corporate data—have taken exponential leaps forward with iOS 7 and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

by Rob Patey | 03 Oct 2013

iOS 7 – Saves Money, Increases Security, and Provides a Better Mobile Experience

With the dust now settled, we all have an extra glimpse into how enterprise mobility will be transformed when iOS 7 begins entering the workplace next week.

by Jonathan Dale | 11 Sep 2013

Apple, Android and the Battle for Enterprise Adoption

BYOD-friendly IT departments can expect increased demand for iOS 6 and Android 4.1 support as the two mobile operating systems compete for mobile worker market share.

by Jonathan Dale | 09 Oct 2012

Apple's iPhone 5 and iOS 6: Ripe or Rotten for Enterprise?

For enterprises, especially those that have jumped head-first into bring your own device (BYOD), the fundamental question remains whether this year's pre-order bonanza stems from bleeding edge buyers or John and Mary employees who will be demanding corporate support by September's end.

by Rob Patey | 18 Sep 2012

Today’s Apple Event: Introducing the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 (Live Blog)

Today’s Apple event hints at its next generation smartphone release – the iPhone 5. The announcement has generated a lot of noise and excitement among smartphone fanatics, coming in as one of the most highly anticipated announcements of the year.

by Pragati Chaplot Jain | 12 Sep 2012

WWDC 2012: iOS 6 Enterprise Impact

Do you buy into the Apple hype? Stakeholder infatuation is reaffirmed annually at WWDC, where developers and media representatives are given the tip of the iceberg in what we can expect for the future. Read about the expected impact on the enterprise.

by MaaS360 staff | 14 Jun 2012

Will the Real New iPad Please Stand Up?

Earlier this month, I broke down a report from Digitimes that claimed Apple would release the newest member of its tablet family in late March or early April 2012. This news came from Apple's premier supplier in China, so it seemed real enough to post about. The source went on to say that Apple would cut down on production of the iPad 2 and begin production of the next iPad in January...

by MaaS360 staff | 29 Dec 2011

Embracing App Culture in your Enterprise

On my smartphone, I have applications for managing my tasks, appointments and documents, creating my shopping lists, a flashlight, games and quizzes, videos, educational tools for my little one, etc. Recently, based on my colleague’s recommendation, I downloaded another app Beat the Traffic for easing my commute to the office. The smartphone surge has led to an ‘app culture’ surge.

by MaaS360 staff | 14 Sep 2011

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