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Live Coverage of Today's iPad Event

Live Coverage of Today's iPad Event

by MaaS360 staff | March 07, 2012

Image source: http://www.gadgetpark.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/IPAD-Technologies-For-Future-Work-Office-.jpgIt seems like yesterday we were covering Apple's iPhone 4S event on the MaaSters Center, but so is the case with fast-paced technology. You know--another day, another announcement. As ordinary as tech releases may be, today's will be different. It will be another notable day in history for the world's most admired company . If the March 7th event lives up to the hype of previous product announcements, we're in for a great show. Apple looks to remain at the forefront of the increasingly fragmented tablet market today as it elaborates further on "something [we] really have to see. And touch."

What could it be? The iPad HD?
In two hours (1:00pm ET) we will know for sure. Stay tuned for live blog updates to this page, where we'll break down each new peice of information as it comes available. We also invite you to participate in the event with us. We want to know what you think about the next best tablet! Feel free to drop a comment below or Follow us on Twitter to share thoughts on the topic via social media. We'll be posting event updates on our Twitter page as well.

So there you have it, two ways to follow the event, either on Twitter or on this page. We look forward to some engaging conversation on the topic of tablets.

If you are as excited for the new iPad as we are, register now for our March 15th webinar, Enabling the iPad in the Enterprise. If Apple breaks out a new iPad between now and then, we're going to take a deep dive into tech specs, enterprise applications, and use cases based on its new features. Whether you're a mobile worker or a tech administrator, you don't want to miss this one.

"the new iPad"
1:00 pm: Tim Cook takes the stage and begins talking about the post-PC revolution

1:02 pm: Apple has opened a new store in Amsterdam (and shares photo). Their larger stores have more floor space and make it easier for consumers to discover the benefits of their devices.

1:04 pm: 110 million visitors to Apple stores last quarter

1:05 pm: Tim Cook shares a video of their new store in Grand Central Terminal, NYC

1:08 pm: 585 THOUSAND apps are now available on the App Store

1:09 pm: Post-PC era will not be possible without emergence of mobile applications

1:12 pm: iTunes playlists can now be configured on your iDevice or Mac and have them show up on your Apple TV

1:14 pm: Apple TV will have 1080p support - you can pre-order today

1:17 pm: 15.4 million iPad units shipped (more than Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP)

1:20 pm: iPad is preferred for e-reading, gaming, web-browsing, e-mail, applications, education, business... the list goes on

1:21 pm: 100+ different tablets released last year (highlighting fragmentation of market), iPad stood out most amongst the competition - with much help from its incredible apps

1:23 pm: Retina display on the new iPad

1:25 pm: 2048 x 1536 and 3.1 million pixels - 264 pixels per inch!

1:27 pm: it will feature the A5X processor and quad-core graphics

1:29 pm: the camera features a 5 megapixel sensor, backside illumination, auto focus, 5 element lens, hybrid IR filter, and Apple-designed ISP

1:30 pm: 1080p video recording!

1:31 pm: fourth feature (next to display, camera, video recorder): Voice dictation

1:32 pm: a microphone button is now featured on the keyboard (Siri?)

1:33 pm: the new iPad will feature 4G LTE (Next-Generation Wireless)

1:35 pm: Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus and AT&T will be LTE partners

1:36 pm: if the carrier supports it, the iPad can now become a personal HotSpot

1:37 pm: an illustration of the six new features that come with the new iPad

1:39 pm: $499 for the 16GB version - this size will remain the base model

1:40 pm: get your own on March 16th in US (the day after our iPad webinar), Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan. Pre-order today!

1:42 pm: existing apps will be scaled up to the new iPad, and text will be automatically rendered to higher resolution. iOS developers will be able to do amazing things with the new display.

1:45 pm: Autodesk takes the stage (Chris Cheung - Sketchbook Product Line Manager)

1:47 pm: SketchBook Ink application (available in April) demonstrates enhanced line art capabilities on new iPad and "incredible graphics power"

1:48 pm: you can now export images sized greater than 100 megapixels

1:49 pm: "Professionals and everyday artists are going to love this device."

1:50 pm: Mike Caps from Epic Games takes the stage to show demo of an "amazing new project"

1:51 pm: HDR graphics and tone mapping featured on Infinity Blade: Dungeons application

1:53 pm: more memory and screen resolution than what XBOX 360 and PS3 can offer

1:55 pm: productivity apps see updates (this means you, mobile workers!). iWork capable of "stunning creations". $9.99 each, unless you've already purchased.

1:57 pm: rear-side camera now being referred to as "iSight"

2:00 pm: new iMovie will make home-movies a completely different experience

2:01 pm: iPhoto for iPad will have new editing and cataloging features. Retina display will enhance editing. "New gestures, new effects, multi-touch editing" and beaming photos directly between devices.

2:02 pm: Randy Ubillos (Chief Architect for Photo and Video Applications) gives an overview of iPhoto

2:05 pm: iPhoto app will support up to 19 megapixel photos - will also make it easy to share via email, Flickr, Twitter and others

2:07 pm: Cropping images in the iPhoto app is easy; "very fluid and intuitive"

2:08 pm: A demo of new features shows how you can touch and drag your finger to darken appearance of an image and touch again to change the saturation of the image. Also showing different brush palettes for fixing Red Eye or lightening a specific area.

2:10 pm: Artistic effects such as tilt-shelf and watercolor will also be featured

2:11 pm: Journal feature makes it possible to catalogue a specific arrangement of photos to tell a story

2:14 pm: no new Dock Connector with new iPad

2:16 pm: still no official name for the new iPad--just referred to as the "3rd generation iPad"

2:17 pm: the new iPad will maintain its 10 hour battery life even with a new A5X processor

2:18 pm: True RGB display differentiates the iPad from what you will find on most Android tablets (these use something similar to 422 color sampling that you'll find on televisions)

2:19 pm: still being referred to as the 3rd generation iPad

2:20 pm: iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi model price has dropped to $399

2:21 pm: image on slideshow shows new iPad name "The new iPad"

2:23 pm: Tim Cook: "We're just getting started." Event slideshow concludes with a new Apple logo.

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