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Locate and Wipe Out BYOD Security Threats

While many benefits accompany mobility trends such as bring your own device (BYOD), challenges also abound. Read and learn what options are available to take on enterprise mobility securely and responsibly.

Locate and Wipe Out BYOD Security Threats

by Jonathan Dale | November 20, 2012

Enterprise mobility has been a hot topic of discussion for much of the IT world over the past several months, and many experts believe interest in this trend will only intensify over the course of the next year. While many benefits can accompany mobility trends like bring your own device (BYOD), challenges also abound.

Perhaps the most important balance is that of freedom and governance, as either too loose or too stringent policies will lead to productivity and security issues. Equipped with mobile device management (MDM), mobile device security and mobile application management (MAM) solutions, corporate decision-makers can optimize their BYOD policies.

Identifying Mobile Device Dilemmas

FierceGovernmentIT recently reported that many federal agencies in the United States are assessing the viability of BYOD among employees. The government's approach to mobility is a good example of the need for due diligence and adequate assessment when considering the allowance of personal devices in enterprise settings.

The source explained that while several departments with less sensitive data have readily made the jump to BYOD, others, such as those involved with healthcare and law, are slower to ramp up due to escalated security concerns. Now, officials in government agencies are looking for the right MDM and MAM providers to ensure a smooth transition into a more mobile landscape.

CRN published a story this week that assessed some of the biggest difficulties private companies face when entering the mobile market. According to the news provider, many businesses place too many restrictions on BYOD and then cannot understand why productivity has actually decreased following deployment. This regards the availability of applications and several other components.

Establishing BYOD with Ease

The problems listed above can be more easily mitigated by using effective MDM and MAM solutions. These tools help CIOs, IT personnel and corporate executives better monitor use and assess the areas of policies that need to be improved. After diligently assessing the needs of the business, a company can turn to a product such as MaaS360 to get the control and scale necessary for a beneficial pursuit.

Further, ZDNet recently listed some suggestions of Forrester analysts related to enterprise mobility in the coming year. The experts believe that a patient, proactive approach by CIOs and IT personnel will lead to better results and ROI when it comes to supporting new devices and procuring MDM solutions.

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