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An Impactful Hike in Android Activations

An Impactful Hike in Android Activations

by MaaS360 staff | February 27, 2012

Image source: http://www.intomobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/android-robot-army.jpgNo more than two months ago, Google reported an astounding figure of 700,000 daily Android device activations, an announcement which awed enough to step back and acknowledge the platform's presence as a top-contender in the mobile industry (tailing Apple by just 15 million activations total). This morning, it would seem they've upped the bar on themselves, and don't be surprised as it continues to go up. Reporting from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Andy Rubin, (SVP Mobile at Google) tweeted a significant jump from the December figure to 850,000 activations a day. Pretty incredible!

Not only does this news reaffirm Google's greatness, it suggests the company's strong influence on both current and prospective tablet and smartphone users. At this juncture, we must consider: what impact is the widespread adoption of Android devices having today, and how will it change heading forward?

A good start for the first question is apps, apps, apps. With 400,000 applications to choose from in the Android Market (up from 300,000 just 5 months ago), users are given a means to customize their phones and tablets to a T. This can often be accomplished without spending any money. In the worst case (which isn't bad at all) most paid apps have a lite or free equivalent where the value proposition can be demonstrated on the users own terms. More than likely the user will upgrade when they see what they'll be getting for those extra few dollars. What is more, the diversity of available apps is extreme enough to accommodate demographics on opposite ends of the spectrum, from children learning how to read to the most upstanding businessmen in the world.

With more users finding ways to use smart devices in their daily routine, more of them are being brought to work through what have been dubbed bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs. With more phones and tablets entering the workplace, MDM (mobile device management) and MAM (mobile application management) solutions become critical additions in schools, enterprises, and banks. Quite literally, anywhere an Android smartphone or tablet can be used for work processes. This could be where the growing number of Androids and their apps make their biggest mark in the future.

To withhold from MAM and MDM investments, a company would have to forgo the tremendous impact these devices are capable of making and crippling workers by cutting down on their productivity, flexibility, and incentive to work when they are not in the office. A BYOD program without these management capabilities is too risky to even consider. Undetected rogue devices connecting to the network, losing devices without wiping capabilities, and unregulated control of documents and apps being downloaded and transferred between devices become more than possibilities--they become realities.

How is your workplace addressing the increased number of Android devices being brought to work by employees? Are you able to bring your own instead of using what is provided to you? Which apps have changed the way you go to work? Let's discuss below. It would be great to hear from others what kind of impact the hike Android activations will have in the long term.

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