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Will Mobile Workers Go For the Next iPad?

Will Mobile Workers Go For the Next iPad?

by jharrington | February 29, 2012

Image source: http://gigaom2.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/screen-shot-2012-02-28-at-12-03-54-pm.png?w=604Marked by its ease of use and managability in most work environments, the iPad 2 has become a go-to option for actualizing today's mobility initiatives. With a new iPad on its way in March, its hard to hold back from imagining what the next tablet could mean for tomorrow's mobile workers. It's safe to assume that it will be everything and more than what we know it to be today, but let's take a couple minutes to hypothesize how it could change the way you do work. Starting with what we know about the iPad 2--and a little help from rumors about what's coming next--we can work our way up to an educated guess.

When we overviewed the iPad 2 during our Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 webinar, it was characterized as a mature, enterprise-ready tablet (from a management and security perspective), with simple to use, seamless mail integration. It is great for apps, with a plethora to choose from in the App Store and in-house apps a fallback option if you cant find what you're looking for. Its 3G and Wi-Fi connectability make it easy to pick and choose how you are going to do work on the go--and with long battery life, you won't be held back from where you want to go. Click here to read more into how the iPad is being used today.

Now onto how the next iPad could improve your work life... Rumors indicate it will have an improved display, which is great news for workers who rely on their tablets as alternates to their laptops which much larger screens. Let's face it, constantly flinging your fingers away from one another to get a better look can be time consuming and slightly annoying. With sharper and crisper characters, you'll find yourself doing this a lot less frequently. There is another rumor that the next iPad will feature improvements to the front/back cameras, which will improve quality for those regularly taking part in meetings via video conference. This could make the iPad a tad thicker, but without a doubt it'll look just as slick. Just as we saw the A5 chip go into the iPhone 4S after appearing in the iPad 2, we could see an improved processor in the next iPad--what some are calling the A5X. This improvement will have you on your way to doing more in less time, even with all your apps running in the background.

Last but not least, workers who find themselves frequently travelling across the globe may find the next iPad an appealing option, for it could feature Long Term Evolution, or LTE technology. Most countries have either adopted LTE or have plans to in the works; for international workers an LTE-enabled tablet just makes sense.

Do you think Apple has any curveballs coming our way on March 7th, or do you suspect the rumors will hold true? If the next iPad is as described above, would the hypothesized improvements to your work-life motivate you to buy one? Share in the comments below.

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