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Mobile Email Matters: Ensuring Corporate Communications with iOS 6.1 Devices

Read and learn whether Apple’s recent iOS 6.1 software update will affect the mobile transmission of email in your enterprise, and what you can do to help.

Mobile Email Matters: Ensuring Corporate Communications with iOS 6.1 Devices

by jharrington | February 13, 2013

Any time a new software update is rolled out, there is always the outside possibility that all fails to go down as planned, whether due to undisclosed issues or undesired native features.  Even in the technical age, despite efforts by developers to beta test and flush out a ready to go solution, there’s no stopping Murphy’s Law.

Software developers make every effort to correct these issues in a timely manner. For example, Apple made the iOS 6.1.1 version of its mobile operating system publicly available on Monday; an upgrade intended to resolve mobile data issues that were troubling iPhone 4S users subscribed to Vodafone in the UK. This update came just two weeks after the official release of iOS 6.1 on January 28.

It has come to our attention there is still work to be done to resolve issues related to iOS 6.1. Based on the haste that we referred to in our last example, we have every reason to believe this will be corrected quickly. While developers are working on a fix, there are actions IT and end-users can take now to avoid problems.

If you are a network administrator managing employee-owned or corporate-issued mobile devices, these software issues could affect email transmission within your organization. Any iOS 6.1 devices that are integrated with Microsoft Exchange via calendar may be subject to a newly discovered issue that has the propensity to disturb corporate email communications. While details are still developing, we are happy to provide an array of precautionary and reactionary measures that we’ve recommended for our customers to avoid negative ramifications brought on by these issues.

If you meet the aforementioned criteria, here are actions you can take in the short term:

  1. Confirm how iOS 6.1 users have set up email on their phone. If your user base is not using Apple's native mail integration to access email, you are likely to avoid any problems.
  2. Microsoft has released a few tips on how to mitigate the issue, by throttling the access of devices.   If your devices are not enrolled in an MDM solution, you can download this free tool to attain a view of devices connected to your Exchange ActiveSync environment.
  3. Send a Message to all users alerting them to withhold from upgrading to iOS 6.1 until further notice. This can be accomplished via e-mail and through an MDM solutions device messaging capabilities. Note that there is no software solution available today that will allow you to block users from upgrading to the latest version; it is your prerogative to get the word out now, explaining to users why it is in their best interests to heed your advice.
  4. Users who have upgraded to iOS 6.1 are capable of turning off calendar functionality locally from their device. This should resolve the issue for the time being.
  5. Lastly, companies can delete, remove, or block all Exchange accounts for iOS 6.1 devices until the issue has been resolved. This is not the optimum approach, but it is an option. MDM solutions can also help with this.

Has your organization encountered any problems with mobile email since the iOS 6.1 release? Please share in the comments below. Our Mobile MaaSters are happy to help you resolve the issues that have come about since your network’s iOS devices opted into the update. This blog will be updated as more information regarding these issues is made available.

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