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Mobile Device Management in HiMSS13 Spotlight

Read and learn about the rise of mobile technology in healthcare and how cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) is being used to embrace smartphones and tablets in hospitals with ease, speed and security.

Mobile Device Management in HiMSS13 Spotlight

by jharrington | March 08, 2013

As the healthcare industry continues to become more technology-driven, legislation urges for the procurement of advanced systems that can improve patient care and spend efficiency by providers. The rise of electronic health records (EHR) systems as well as the increasing physician preference for accessibility of the digitized patient information through personal devices illustrates the need for healthcare organizations to implement mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

Bring your own device (BYOD) has spread to virtually every industry, though healthcare providers have a heavier load when it comes to the creation and enforcement of policies, as regulatory compliance is more stringent in the sector. With enterprise mobility management suites, these organizations can successfully implement BYOD, improving patient care and employee engagement.

HiMSS13 Annual Conference

Tech Page One recently published a brief on IT in healthcare, focusing on the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), which recently held its 2013 conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference brings together some of the most prominent minds in the healthcare IT sector today.

As the popularity of BYOD continues to thrive, Charlotte Davies, the Lead Analyst of Ovum's IT in Healthcare Practices division, explained that mobility should be a major priority of healthcare executives in the coming months.

"Connected mobile devices offer a double-win in healthcare," she said, according to Tech Page One. "Firstly, they will be key in the shift to the big rise in cross-disciplinary teams, which are required to deliver coordinated care. Secondly, mobile devices are key tools in helping to ensure patients follow treatment regimes, in monitoring patient symptoms in real-time, in facilitating a higher level of self-care and in contributing to richer data for the development of personalized medicine and treatment."

The source added that security of all patient data continues to be one of the more important priorities for the industry, especially as healthcare providers implement new technology. This illustrates the importance of advanced mobile device security and MDM solutions.

MaaS360 for Healthcare

MaaS360 was on scene at this year's HIMSS13 conference, showcasing how our solution enables secure and safe support of all corporate and employee-owned devices. MaaS360 for Healthcare can be leveraged to uphold regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA, and helps organizations secure electronic protected healthcare information.

Security, however, isn't the only advantage of MaaS360, as it helps reduce the cost of mobile device, application and document management by decreasing IT workloads while upping mobile user productivity.

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Mobile Device Management for Healthcare

With Mobile Device Management (MDM) healthcare can rest easy that staff, doctors and nurses are equipped to deal with all emergencies. Even further, IT can rest easy that smartphones and tablets are always available and adhering to the policies demanded by such a highly regulated industry-whether the devices are part of Bring Your Own Device program or they are owned by the facility.


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