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App Management, Containerization at the Forefront of BYOD Security

Read and learn new strategies and technologies that are being applied to maximize security and control for total enterprise mobility.

App Management, Containerization at the Forefront of BYOD Security

by Rob Patey | February 08, 2013

Consumerization has been a key driver behind the massive influx of personal mobile devices entering the workplace and the high volume of apps that have come along for the ride. Many toys require assembly or batteries before they can be played with—so too must app prevalence be supplemented with proper management capabilities. IT management has quickly learned the value of mobile app management (MAM) solutions as a means to that end, helping to cultivate secure and productive bring your own device (BYOD) environments.

FTC advocacy for app transparency

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released guidance for businesses that are either developing or acquiring mobile applications. The agency believes that increased transparency, including stronger attention to disclosures of accessed data and networks, needs to be a major priority of the industry in the coming years.

According to the agency, app developers need to ensure that each program obtains “affirmative express consent” before accessing and using any types of data stored in the user's device. The FTC implored app developers to consider using self-regulatory programs, as well as advisory entities to ensure that all practices are in line with industry best practices and federal regulations.

The FTC's statement illustrates the importance of corporate responsibility when it comes to app development and employee-adoption of various programs. As regulators continue to create new methods of ensuring security from app vendors, as well as device manufacturers, companies need to take a more active role in upholding the security of the corporate network and the data contained therein.

Containerization for network and data defense

Gov Info Security recently interviewed Fiberlink's David Lingenfelter, who explained the process of  containerization and its beneficial applications within BYOD-enabled workplaces. According to Lingenfelter, containerization is a way to use “corporate applications and corporate resources in a subsection of the device which is contained and kept private from all the other software that's on the device.”. Containerization should be complemented with mobile device management (MDM) and MAM solutions that can ensure the integrity of all networks and data. These tools can be relied upon in the event that the device is lost, stolen, or if someone cracks into it while it is unlocked.

According to TechTarget, containerization can be extremely helpful in BYOD environments, adding that MaaS360 has provided companies with the ability to streamline enrollment processes and target certain areas of management requiringattention.

"We'll always have to manage devices; we'll always have to manage users, but what we manage about them can be narrower," Jonathan Dale of Fiberlink explained to the news provider.

The source asserted that while the controls provided through MDM and MAM are essential, a BYOD strategy will only be as strong as the information governance and proper use policies in place.

MaaS360 for total enterprise mobility

The GSMA recently named MaaS360 a finalist for the  Global Mobile Awards for a second consecutive year. MaaS360 earned recognition for its exceptional and innovative ability to assist clients with fast and secure mobility management through its cloud-based infrastructure. If you would like to learn more about MaaS360, click below and join us for our upcoming webinar, Total Enterprise Mobility, where we'll give a live demo of the MDM portal and different features you can take advantage of to manage mobility effectively. Alternately, you can create a portal account today and try it with your own devices in your environment. We give you a month to decide whether our service is right for you.

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