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Your Answer Back to Strict Data Policy Reform

Your Answer Back to Strict Data Policy Reform

by MaaS360 staff | March 06, 2012

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4G - Promising 2G Speed for All?
As an unlimited-data customer, your data is limited. However ironic it may be, with AT&T you’re only in the clear if you have an:

- iPhone and use less than 3GB data/month

- LTE Android and use less than 5GB data/month

And if you go over? You’re throttled. You’ll experience a 99% drop in speed (equivalent to 2G access).

Why is this happening? AT&T claims it has to do with excessive data use by unlimited-data customers, and actions taken will benefit the greater good. Validas (a TX company that reviews wireless bills) says otherwise. After taking a look into the top 5% of AT&T’s unlimited-data customers, Validas found an average of > 4GB used per month. Less than 1% of customers (0.7%) exceeded 5GB. If you want to know if you're eating up your data plan, how often do you do the following activities?

Mobile Expense Management - Bottle the Data Throttle
So what if you are in the top 5% of data users at your company? Do you see reason to keep your head down in shame? Readapt to life in front of your desktop? No—keep doing your work in the palm of your hand! The underlying reason behind MaaS360’s Mobile Expense Management (MEM) offering is to keep employees and enterprise IT in-the-know about data usage. Most importantly, it allows IT to act on over-activity before there are negative repercussions. With MEM, your 4G-enabled employees will never have to settle for 2G patchiness.
MEM Alerts - The Golden Bullet of Mobile Connectivity
Alerts are the name of the game, a best-practice for keeping IT in touch with employees about their activity. MaaS360’s MEM solution alerts users throughout the month to ensure they stay on top of their usage, the optimum way to ensure high speed access while limiting overage costs. These alerts are in real time, providing a notification to the end-user that will facilitate behavior modification such as moving to a Wi-Fi hot spot. This will avoid the problem of excessive data use and provide greater through-put. We all know its easier to prevent a situation than to recover from it. A conservative and well-informed approach will keep users trucking from their smart devices until data replenishes at the start of a new month. Better yet, users can leverage extensive reporting capabilities to maintain consciousness of their usage trends and keep repeat-mistakes out of the picture.

You won’t receive this kind of assistance from your provider. The only alert you’ll receive will read you’ve been throttled.

How is your organization answering back to strict data policy reformations from providers? Will you settle for limited unlimited data access, or get what you ought from the plan you agreed to? Share your story in the comments below. I also invite you to recap your understanding of MEM through this quick video.

I will be speaking at length on the topic of Mobile Expense Management this week at IBM Pulse 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are a few ways you can learn more about Pulse: 



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