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SMBs Turn to MDM for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

SMBs Turn to MDM for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

by MaaS360 staff | April 30, 2012

Image source: http://www.lifeofandroid.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/android.pngAs more small and medium businesses (SMBs) permit employees to bring their own Android smartphones and tablets to work, the need for adequate mobile device management (MDM) increases. Hence at Android Solutions for Business, an event recently held at the Toronto Board of Trade, one of the hottest topics on the table was Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs.

MDM Eases Mobile Device Control, Security, and Privacy Concerns

Event attendees made a special effort to bring questions about mobile device management into the greater discussion, striving to learn more about device control, network security, and protection of private information in a BYOD work world.

Up to this point, small business owners and some medium sized companies have adopted a "be your own IT manager" mindset in response to BYOD, IT World reports. It is easy to see why this has occurred; workers are using a variety of different devices for work purposes and lack the presence of a CIO. As a result, management is picking up the slack where the absence is felt. The situation is leading to a new relationship among business leaders, device makers, service providers and mobile device management vendors.

Not Your Father's Enterprise Mobility

In the traditional mobile enablement model, hardware companies made the devices, and in turn businesses bought or leased them in bulk for use by their staff. Service providers were then engaged to enable the devices for use. Today’s workers are choosing which devices to use at work. To help manage these devices, SMBs are turning to MDM providers, telecommunications companies and even the hardware makers.

"They need help to get through all that complex decision making process," said Tisha Rattos, director of small business marketing at Rogers Communications. "There's so much [mobile technology] out there. How do you start to make them all work?"

Bring Your Own Device Best Practices, Please!

According to experts consulted by IT World, the top questions from small business owners are: 1- How to keep in touch with staff remotely in real time 2- How to keep devices secure on the network 3- How to address devices that are compromised or stolen

SMB owners who are acting as their own IT managers may be interested in viewing an on-demand webinar recording recently presented The recording lays out best practices for implementing a BYOD program; answering the above questions and more in specific detail.

Click here to view a recording of Best Practices for Implementing a BYOD Program or read a recap on the MaaS360 blog.

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