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Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2, Round 1 Recap

Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2, Round 1 Recap

by jharrington | November 21, 2011

Last Thursday hundreds of people gathered around the ring to witness Apple's widely hailed iPad 2 take on the kindle fire, a contender on the rise in the tablet world (released on November 15th). It was a great day in tablet history and a dramatic fight until the very end. The fighters kept the crowd in it for the whole match and two lucky folks walked away with a free tablet of their own! Thanks to all who followed this event on Twitter (hashtag #maas360webinar). If you haven't had a chance, please share your thoughts about the webinar! For those who weren't in attendance I'll do my best to give a blow-by-blow account of each round, though I highly recommend you watch the official recording here.

In the opening round, our contenders exchanged jabs with one another over their initial impressions of the two tablets. I'll start with the kindle fire:

  • Right out of the box, Donna found the fire noticeably small and a little heavier than the Kindle reader that has become a favorite for many
  • Accessing Wi-Fi is very simple to do; Donna explained how easy it was for her to connect to the corporate network using her credentials
  • Once her Amazon account information was submitted, she found it easy to access the pseudo-Android Market Amazon app catalogue, browse the internet, and access her personal and corporate email inboxes (Donna used NitroDesk's TouchDown software to access corporate mail)
  • Finding her books, music, and magazines was easy to do, all were categorized in a very "Amazony" and aesthetically pleasing way
Perhaps taking a page out of MaaS360's playbook, the iPad 2 was characterized by its quick setup and ease of use:
  • After half a dozen setup steps, the iPad 2 was ready to use. It only took an hour total to get it running to his specifications.
  • Jon had no problem accessing the corporate network and especially enjoyed seeing all of his mailboxes on one screen
  • The iTunes sync worked well; in a few minutes he was able to browse his whole iTunes Library
  • The camera works, but isn't as useful as anticipated
  • The biggest takeaway is its easy navigation; Jon's 4 year old son has his own apps on it and can access them without help
Here's a recap of Round 2. If you've already read through, here are links to Round 3 and Round 4. For now, share your first impressions of the iPad 2 and/or kindle fire...

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