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Can You Afford to Overlook BYOD?

Companies that fail to create adequate bring your own device (BYOD) policies put data security at risk and forego productivity gains. How will you adjust for a safe and fruitful 2013?

Can You Afford to Overlook BYOD?

by jharrington | December 26, 2012

In 2012, the use of consumer technology by workers from the ground floor up has brought the discussion on bring your own device (BYOD) to the forefront. Everyone wants to know how can it be managed adequately—how they’ll cultivate a successful, productive and efficient process of deploying personal devices in the workplace in the upcoming year.
One thing's for certain: failure to implement policies and deploy mobile device management (MDM) solutions early on simply will not suffice. Especially if your organization meets this common prerequisite: permitting workers to use their personally-owned device for work functions, in our outside of the office. Countless reports indicate that enterprises are widely failing to adequately support personal devices, which leads to serious security threats and productivity challenges.

We can work it out

BostInno recently reported that dodging the BYOD bullet has been impossible for enterprise IT, as employees continue to use their personal devices for business functions with or without rules in place. Because of this, BYOD is no longer a trend that can simply be assessed and then forgotten, but rather demands the attention of managers and executives.
More baffling, a significant proportion of executives are aware of the risks involved with BYOD, and turn a blind eye to indiscriminate behaviors by workers who have less awareness. BostInno cited research that suggests 48 percent of companies do not authorize BYOD, yet 57 percent believe employees will still use their devices for business functions.
In support of this argument, a survey from Globo revealed that 29 percent of respondents worked at companies that support BYOD, yet more than two-thirds use their personal devices for company functions.  If your organization has overlooked this type of behavior, the question is not whether, but how soon the ramifications of such negligence will come about.

Efforts drive success

Similar to the adage "you have to spend money to make money," now is the time to expend thought and effort into building a BYOD strategy that will assuredly yield improvements to worker efficiency and productivity. TechNewsWorld recently reported that businesses can become more secure and productive through structured approaches to BYOD, as well as the use of cloud-based technology. 
The news provider asserted that the best BYOD policies cover how to govern and manage devices and their applications. These will be the strategies that drive productivity in the years that come. Additional benefits are begot from use of cloud-based MDM and mobile application management (MAM) solutions, such as MaaS360, which enables the most agile, efficient and secure operations in workplaces that support BYOD.

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