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A New Nook is Nearing

A New Nook is Nearing

by jharrington | October 31, 2011


Today Barnes & Noble sent out invitations to the media and IT community to "join [them] for a very special announcement," on November 7th. Fear not the obscurity of this message; the invitation is said to be under a Nook logo, giving us a fair amount of leeway to guess that a new tablet is on its way. If you still have your doubts, for what other reason would Barnes & Noble decide to double the size of its Nook boutiques in coming weeks?

Since we're fairly certain a new Nook is on its way this holiday season, we'll just have to wait and see which e-reader tablet wins over the shoppers. The competitively priced Kindle Fire has already generated a great amount of hype and hasn't even hit the shelves yet (available November 12th). Depending on how competitive Barnes & Noble plans to price its e-reader upgrade, it may be difficult to satisfy the bargain hunters.

Hardware upgrades may be what B&N plans to wager against its low-priced tablet competitor. But will it be enough?

While we're on the tablet topic, make sure you join us on November 17th for the tablet show-down of the year. Jonathan "iPad 2" Dale and Donna "Kindle Fire" Lima will square off to determine which tablet will lead the way for the rest. You'll also qualify to win a free iPad 2 or Kindle Fire by attending, as we'll be giving out one of each.

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