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Mobility Management

Android Looks at Mobile Expense Management

I read a news article recently about a woman who got a $200K phone bill. Her brother had gone on vacation without turning off the data texting on his phone. She managed to work out a deal with the carrier, but she’ll still be paying quite a bit.

by MaaS360 staff | 03 Nov 2011

BYOD: A "Trend Gaining Strength" Heading into 2012

  Results from the latest MDM report by InformationWeek demonstrate the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend has grown considerably in the past year. If the next report's results are consistent with the past two, BYOD will continue growing until it is a complete normality in the enterprise. This year's survey respondents (323 technology professionals from 50+ person business environments) added a considerable margin to the already-high percentages from last year's survey responses that indicated BYOD acceptance, implementation, and/or future planning were a part of their IT strategy.

by jharrington | 02 Nov 2011

A New Nook is Nearing

  Today Barnes & Noble sent out invitations to the media and IT community to "join [them] for a very special announcement," on November 7th. Fear not the obscurity of this message; the invitation is said to be under a Nook logo, giving us a fair amount of leeway to guess that a new tablet is on its way. If you still have your doubts, for what other reason would Barnes & Noble decide to double the size of its Nook boutiques in coming weeks?

by jharrington | 31 Oct 2011

Coming in November: Samsung's Galaxy Nexus Featuring the Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS

  If you didn't happen to catch last night's live stream of the Google/Samsung event in Hong Kong, here is a quick rundown of what was uncovered:

by jharrington | 20 Oct 2011

Combining Office 365's Productivity Apps and Mobility Management in the Cloud

In the ever-changing world of technology, organizations need to be incredibly flexible to keep up. You have to be careful not to lock yourself into something that could become obsolete or force you to accept constraints that could become problematic. That's what makes the cloud so attractive: your company simply does what it does best, and all the technical considerations are handled by somebody else.

by MaaS360 staff | 28 Jun 2011

Of the Mobile Device Operating Systems, Which is the Most Secure?

Security practitioners like me shy away from absolutes. That being said, I do not have a problem drawing some comparisons across the leading mobile device platforms, specifically Symbian, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile 7 and Android.

by MaaS360 staff | 24 May 2011

Enterprise Mobility and the Perpetual Mobile Device Refresh Cycle

I had the privilege last week of hosting a webinar with Andrew Borg from Aberdeen Research. In the webinar, Andrew presented findings published in their recently released research report Enterprise Mobility Management 2011: Mobility Becomes Core IT. You can view the webinar here or download the full Aberdeen research report here. As Andrew and I prepared for the webinar early last week we had some animated conversations regarding a few of the more surprising findings from the webinar. I thought I would share one here.

by MaaS360 staff | 19 May 2011

Is the timing right for the convergence of enterprise device management?

Technology leaders across the industry are already now recognizing that employees require multiple devices to remain productive and competitive. As quoted in the Wall Street Journal on April 25, 2011, Michael Dell said, “What's interesting [is that] business users are not going to give up smartphones. Won't give up PCs.  So now you have a PC, you have a smartphone and you have a tablet.”

by MaaS360 staff | 03 May 2011

PlayBook Now Available - Too Late to the Game?

Today, Research In Motion’s (RIM) long awaited tablet hits the market.  The BlackBerry PlayBook will serve as the latest addition to the crowded tablet marketplace.  The PlayBook has the hardware specs to play with the big competition in the tablet world (iPad 2 and Xoom).  Sporting comparable processor, screen resolution and battery life, users will find the new tablet meets  the current device hardware  demands.  On the software front, RIM has chosen to launch its newest Operating System (QNX) with the PlayBook.  With Flash support, a capable OS, and solid hardware specs, the PlayBook seems like a winner at first glance.  The IT side of the house may need to carefully look at how the PlayBook fits into the overall mobile device management strategy since it is not currently being managed by existing BES servers.

by MaaS360 staff | 19 Apr 2011

Mobility and SaaS: Two great trends that work great together

Mobility has become a top priority for IT and business leaders among organizations of all sizes, driven by the increased pressure to improve productivity across a broadening mobile workforce, the desire to become more operationally efficient, and the need to support the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the workplace.

by MaaS360 staff | 12 Apr 2011

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