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Mobility Management

BYOD Still Risky Business for Enterprises

In a recent survey sponsored by Harris Interactive and Fiberlink, over 2,000 working US adults were asked if they use their personal smartphones and tablets for work activities. Not surprising was that 51% said yes. What was surprising and frankly disconcerting for IT and their information security cohorts, is that many of these workers are treating company data as recklessly as they would a soccer schedule or recipes.

by Rob Patey | 17 Jul 2013

BYOD Success Starts With Preparation!

Enterprise mobility management suites can help companies better mitigate the risks of BYOD and monitor use to drive productivity. These solutions, however, need to be implemented in conjunction with strong information governance policies.

by Rob Patey | 11 Jul 2013

Unwrapping BYOD: Facts & Fiction

A recent CRN slideshow made clear that standalone Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are not the one-stop shop for BYOD resolutions. There are several good tips in this article, but there are also some grave misnomers ranging from privacy intrusion to the most popular threats facing enterprise mobility. I would like to take a minute to separate these mobile fictions from the true mobile facts.

by Pragati Chaplot Jain | 26 Jun 2013

UK! BYOD is Coming! BYOD is Coming!

With the impending mass release of 4G in the UK, businesses can expect the same promises in productivity as their American counterparts as IT administrators must start strategizing on mitigating the perils.

by Rob Patey | 05 Jun 2013

Google Glass – Spare the Hate and Spoil the Promise

Sure Google Glass has some problems in functionality and design, but that’s today. Instead of simply writing off this technology I would like to play an optimistic game of “what if” to imagine what Google Glass could be.

by Rob Patey | 21 May 2013

BYOD: APPS Act No Game for Enterprises

The recently passed Application Privacy, Protection and Security (APPS) Act mandates app developers must maintain in-depth privacy policies that in part forbid them from collecting any personal data once the user has stopped using their application.

by Pragati Chaplot Jain | 15 May 2013

Gartner Predicts Waning of Corporate Owned Devices

Gartner predicts Bring Your Own Device becoming the norm versus the exception. 

by Rob Patey | 07 May 2013

Education Mobility – No Hiding at the Back of the Class

Education engagement Apps like Learning Catalytics (recently acquired by learning tool juggernaut Pearson) have empowered educators in K-12 all the way up to higher Ed with a 360 degree periscope view of the classroom. 

by Rob Patey | 26 Apr 2013

Smartphone Stolen? Tablet Taken? There's MDM for That

Unchaining technology from the desk allows BYODers to get more done on the go, but what happens when these smartphones and tablets go MIA? Learn how organizations are securing proprietary information in the event of a loss or theft.

by jharrington | 12 Apr 2013

Moving to Mobile Payments in Retail? MDM Crucial for Success

IT in retail is looking for ways to capitalize on bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile payments. Look no further than mobile device management (MDM) for secure, productive mobility.

by Jonathan Dale | 29 Mar 2013

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