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Mobile Device Management

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Licking Android Lollipop Launch Day Management and Security

Android Lollipop has begun rolling out to devices everywhere. Here's how to support it in your organization.

by Kevin Olivieri | 13 Nov 2014

Everybody Wipes

Our latest study of over 130,000 mobile devices reveals that more companies are utilizing remote wipes - and they're doing it quite often.

by Jonathan Dale | 26 Sep 2014

Bye-Bye my EMM Pride (The ballad of iOS 8 without MaaS360)

Is your EMM provider keeping you from experiencing the enterprise benefits of iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6? Then we've got a little ditty for you.

by Rob Patey | 23 Sep 2014

MaaS360 All Set to Support Amazon’s Brand New Fire Phone

Amazon's Fire Phone announcement means another titan has entered hte smartphone war and businesses must get ready for a new device coming into the office. The good news is that MaaS360 will provide instant support when the phones are released.

by Kevin Olivieri | 19 Jun 2014

Transforming Mobile Management and Security

From Monday's IBM Pulse Keynote, President & COO, Chris Clark, discusses MaaS360's role in IBM's Unified Device Management and reveals a major success story.

by Kevin Olivieri | 26 Feb 2014

Shining the light on Shadow IT

As BYOD helps workforces achieve greater mobility, organizations must keep an eye out for shadow IT, the use of unauthorized apps in the enterprise that could put your data at risk.

As BYOD helps workforces achieve greater mobility, organizations must keep an eye out for shadow IT, the use of unauthorized apps in the enterprise that could put your data at risk

by Kevin Olivieri | 20 Dec 2013

Drawers Filled with Deactivated Devices Don’t Delete Data

As the holiday season ushers in new smartphones and tablets for many, don't be one of the 68% of folks who say data leak protection is the last thing on their mind before discarding their old devices. Follow these four steps to ensure the security of your corporate data.

by Rob Patey | 13 Dec 2013

Cure Healthcare Mobile Security with MDM and NAC

In order to alleviate the risks involved with data breaches caused by unsecured personal devices in the healthcare industry, a combination of Network Access Control (NAC) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) is needed.

by Kevin Olivieri | 05 Nov 2013

Kindle Fire - Blazing the Path for Enterprise Productivity

An updated operating system is helping Amazon make the case for establishing the Kindle Fire as the ideal workplace tablet. We recap our most recent webinar and look at how you can incorporate these tablets into your BYOD program.

by Kevin Olivieri | 21 Oct 2013

Don’t Get Thrown Under the Omnibus: 5 Healthcare BYOD Considerations

Omnibus has recently impacted healthcare providers and their affiliates as it strengthens the rules and regulations found in HIPAA and HITECH. Is your mobile environment Omnibus compliant?

by Rob Patey | 26 Sep 2013

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