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Mobile Device Management

67% of SMB’s Mobile, but Not BYOD Ready

  In recent years, a variety of studies have indicated that small business owners are largely failing to implement the necessary security standards to ensure the integrity of data and networks.  Bring your own device (BYOD), which has become widely popular among businesses of all sizes, represents a major opportunity to drive productivity, though also a serious risk when not controlled. Enterprise mobility management solutions can help companies strike a balance between security and productivity, while cloud-based options offer the affordability and scalability essential for cost control in a small business environment. SMBs Embrace But Don’t Protect BYOD A recent survey, sponsored by Fiberlink, discussed how a growing majority of small businesses have already started to allow employees to use their personal smartphones, tablets and computers for work functions. Though nearly two-thirds of SMB IT professionals who responded to the survey said they have implemented a policy or initiative, only 37 percent use, or plan to use mobile device management (MDM) solutions. What's more, 33 percent of the respondents said that their policies work well for some devices, but not others.  This represents a major risk to both productivity and security, though small business decision-makers have not yet seemed to heed the call for protection and management. For example, the survey found that 49 percent of respondents who had not yet implemented MDM did not do so because they didn't see any significant threats facing their business without the solutions.    This is an egregiously false assumption. CNN recently asserted that small businesses have become the easiest prey for cyber criminals. The news provider suggested that entrepreneurs often do not have enough money to hire large IT security departments, allowing hackers and phishers across the globe to focus their efforts on this market in the form of SMS messages and other nefarious activities usually involving Apps.  However, small business owners can now access a variety of affordable and effective tools for BYOD, especially cloud-based MDM. SMB’s need to mitigate risk today, rather than remediate risk after the first attack.  In recent years, a variety of studies have indicated that small business owners are largely failing to implement the necessary security standards to ensure the integrity of data and networks. 

by Rob Patey | 07 Jun 2013

Google Play Ends Digital Recess for Education

Keeping on with the trend of teaching with tablets, Google has dedicated a section of its app store, Google Play for the education industry. Now, IT support for education must do some learning of their own to manage these wonderful new tools.

by Pragati Chaplot Jain | 31 May 2013

What is MDM? [VIDEO]

Today we're going to talk about a very exciting topic-- Mobile Device Management, or MDM. It's one of those topics that is really top of mind today across just about every company we talk to as they start to pull together their mobile strategies.

by Jason Johnston | 26 Mar 2013

Making BYOD Work in the Legal Services Industry

Read and learn how IT management in the legal sector has responded to challenges brought on by the bring your own device (BYOD) trend.

by Jonathan Dale | 01 Mar 2013

Exploring the Top 5 Mobile Tech Trends for February and March

This year, which security concerns will impact the global workforce the most? Read 5 trends we expect will gain mobile momentum this month leading into March.

by Jonathan Dale | 14 Feb 2013

Network World Interview: Fiberlink President Discusses the MaaS360 Difference

In an increasingly complex and crowded mobile device management market, Fiberlink President and COO, Chris Clark, explains what separates MaaS360 from the competition.

by Jonathan Dale | 04 Jan 2013

Your 2013 Resolution: Bye Bye Unmanaged BYOD

Struggling to craft an impactful New Year's resolution for 2013? Let's begin with an assessment of your approach to enterprise mobility over the course of the past year.

by Pragati Chaplot Jain | 21 Dec 2012

Identifying and Mitigating BYOD Risks

With BYOD, the more precautions you've taken, the better off you'll be. Learn what approaches are being taken to address the challenges of managing a mobile workforce.

by Rob Patey | 03 Dec 2012

Future of MDM Becomes Clearer

The MDM market is expected to undergo rapid evolution in the coming years. Read and learn what is influencing this change and the direction this market is headed.

by Jonathan Dale | 30 Nov 2012

Fiberlink CEO Discusses the MaaS360 Boost on Meet The Boss TV

Fiberlink CEO Jim Sheward sat down with Meet The Boss TV to discuss how smartphones, tablets, apps offer immediate benefits to businesses, and how MaaS360's cloud-based platform brings it all together.

by jharrington | 13 Nov 2012

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