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Is on-prem MDM scared of the cloud? You be the judge!

Chances are you've heard a lot of fiction about cloud-based mobile device management. We think you deserve to see the facts too.

Is on-prem MDM scared of the cloud? You be the judge!

by Rob Patey | February 14, 2013

Chances are you've heard a lot of fiction about cloud-based mobile device management. We think you deserve to see the facts too.


Fiction: The cloud isn't as secure!

Fact: We'll ignore that 14.5 billion dollars worth of business was conducted last year using Software as a Service. And that many of these solutions managed millions of sensitive records from HR to finance. What's hard to ignore are the third-party security audits and agencies who have staked their reputations on cloud security.  Learn a little more...


Fiction: On-premise is just as scalable as the cloud!

Fact: Sure it is, as long as your server room has ample space for email appliances and other hardware. Also if you want to kill a fly with a sledgehammer, then it makes perfect sense to buy a box for 100,000 devices when you want to manage 100. Oh, and make sure you have enough staff to manage this new nirvana of stationary mobility. Truth is, with the cloud you can add as many devices as you please, and your life never changes one bit.  Learn a little more...   


Fiction: Cloud solutions only integrate with certain email systems!

Fact: This actually transcends from fiction to an outright lie. Granted not all Cloud providers offer the same seamless connectivity as MaaS360, but Exchange 2007, 2010 and Office 365 are all supported as well as LotusTraveler - with no hardware required.  

Same Day OS Support

Fiction: On-premise solutions offer same day support for new operating system releases!     

Fact: This one might be true if "same day" means when you have time to install the updates. Truth is MaaS360 Cloud-based MDM has been there day one for users to update their AppleAndroid and Windows devices every time. But if you want to pour through exhaustive notes and instructions, more power to you. 


Fiction: Only on-premise solutions can help industries meet current regulatory compliance!

Fact: Nay, this is another one that seems to be a never ending story in the MDM business. The fact is Cloud MDM gives you robust reporting, and insight into granular data usage to assist in audits and reporting for every industry

True Cloud

Fiction: On-premise solutions also offer Cloud. 

Fact: This is absolutely half-true. Pay attention to the word "also" here. It indicates a halfhearted commitment to true cloud. Also (see what we did there), we don't think Cloud should require an appliance for any facet of MDM, peek under the covers of every other MDM provider, an appliance is most certainly in your future.  

Cloud Has Nothing to Hide

Fiction: You can be up and running in no time with on-premise MDM. 

Fact:  Define, no time please. Days to see a trial of the product, months to install and heavy consulting fees to enroll a device isn't our definition of "no time." True cloud has nothing to hide. Go see for yourself. Google a trial with any MDM vendor - enjoy the wait for a sales call. 

Now try MaaS360 for 30 days. No appliances, no hidden costs, no consulting fees - just MDM!

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