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Execution of Daily IT Workflows Could Suffer During Economic Recovery

Execution of Daily IT Workflows Could Suffer During Economic Recovery

by MaaS360 staff | February 04, 2010

Economic RecoveryI recently read Denise Dubie's article entitled "IT departments need right skills to recover in 2010." This article contained some very interesting statistics that have led me to the conclusion that the performance of daily IT operations (such as software roll outs, patch management, and general security audits) will suffer during the economic recovery without the embrace of web based tools designed to gather data and turn that data into relevant information.

According to Robert Half Technology, 43% of CIOs feel their IT departments are either somewhat or very understaffed in relation to current workload. (See related story, Flight risk? High-tech talent set to take off post economic recovery.) This is due to dramatic cuts in IT staff during the recession. Organizations will be hesitant to increase hiring until recovery is well underway. However, according to Gartner, 62% of senior business executives surveyed recognize that "IT-enabled changes will be a key element in their post-recession strategy".

New and exciting projects that are thought to be helping drive the organization's economic recovery will be highly sought after by employees. Who can blame them? Everyone wants to be part of something special... and what is more special than digging out of the current economic rut. The problem here is that something has to suffer, right? If IT is currently understaffed with no signs of a dramatic increase in hiring AND at the same time organization's are making IT a key element of their post recession plan... what happens to the existing day to day operations necessary to manage a increasingly mobile, diverse, and complicated device base?

Who is going to proactively manage devices that are located all over the globe by checking Hardware stats prior to a new software deployment? Who is going to proactively check for dangerous P2P software in your environment? Who is going to check daily to ensure that Operating System patches are being applied, AntiVirus applications are being updated, Devices are encrypted as assumed, and Personal Firewalls are functioning properly? We live in a world of complex lines of code... where assuming proper function can be the famous last words of an IT organization. We need to trust but verify... but who is going to mine all that data proactively when resources are slim now and new projects are introduced? Assuming more risk and reverting to a more reactive device management strategy is not a good answer.

Enter Business Intelligence in the Cloud... IT can now offset some of the workload associated with gathering and turning data into information. Using a tool that provides this level of Visibility will allow IT to quickly locate important information about their device environment and enable proactive decisions... while saving time that allows for the new recession rejuvenation projects.

Are you ready for the recovery? How do you plan to simplify your daily IT workflows? MaaS360 can help.

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