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Brian Christini



Area of Expertise: Android Mobile Device Management

More and more devices are entering the marketplace every day. Currently a lot of vendors are just doing what’s easiest for them as far as security is concerned; it’s a little like the Wild West.

As time passes, more companies will allow workers to bring their own devices to the office. However, they may be quite picky about the security features each device has to have. This will cause the industry to begin looking hard at some basic standards, especially for security.

Coolest/latest project: New Android enhancements are being added to MaaS360 all the time.

Fun fact about me (outside of work): Mostly I just like to spend time with my family when I’m not at work.

Fresh from the Desk:

Mobile enterprises beware: NotCompatible.C poses serious threat

For reasons yet to be determined, mobile malware does not scare the average user. However, many IT departments are fully aware that mobile malware can quickly and easily make its way into corporate networks and cause a plethora of issues. On top of that, some malicious mobile applications have the ability to take data directly off of a mobile device, whether through an unsecured connection or infected program sending information to cybercriminals. This is why IT professionals are hesitant about allowing employees to use their own smartphones and tablets, usually being forced to compromise with C-level executives by implementing strict bring your own device policies and installing mobile device management software suites onto users' devices. Now, there is a threat will cause employees, C-level executives and IT teams to seriously consider integrating high-grade security solutions onto every mobile device.

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